1. Spuz

    Monster/Box Finding Guide

    Updated: 09/03/21 Notes: Some quests will say ''Area 1'' instead of the area as they don't always start in order and I forgot to make notes on all of those. The Maximum Attack S quests & Beyond the Horizon have not been added due to no drops in these quests. The Xrd and Rev quests are the...
  2. Surprise double pd drop

    Surprise double pd drop

    Two pds dropped from two boxes right by each other in forest 1 on normal when i was configuring the psobb addons
  3. Spuz

    2c4 Scape not showing.

    In area 22, right at the end is a set of boxes. (You are required to ignore warp to area 23 but press a switch next to it, smash a wall down and take the warp there to these boxes). Every single time I have hosted the game on my HC account the 'scape box' is an empty box.