new player

  1. KingLich

    Greetings friends!

    Hi all I'm just a southern dude in his mid 20's who like old video games. I'm new and figured I'd post here before I dive into the game with my friends this weekend. We've been looking for an mmo with private servers and a small tight knit community of friendly people to play with. This...
  2. R

    PSO (GC) vet wondering what to do with duplicate special weapons

    Back on the Game Cube version i could just sell off any duplicates of weapons or armor i found but now i don't see a way to do this. Am i just supposed to drop them somewhere and ignore them? or is there something i can do that was added in Blue Burst or online modes that i'm just not aware of...
  3. A

    Game Crashes Immediately after selecting make new character

    I'm on Manjaro (linux, based on Arch) and running through Lutris. I just installed the game and the tutorials either don't work on my architecture or I'm doing something wrong. Can anyone help me?
  4. sorrydpain

    Team Chemistry Recommendations

    So I am trying to get some of my friends to play this game with me and one said he'd want to play the HUcast and the other a FOnewm. So i'm trying to figure out, since it'll be their first time, who i should play to try and support them as much as possible. My original thought is either the...
  5. T

    New Player Giveaway

    Some friends and I decided to pool together some items we thought would be helpful to new players. To keep it short and sweet: 1. Items will be separated into 3 categories (Hunter/Ranger/Force) + a shared category 2. You may only choose items from one category + the shared category 3. You may...
  6. Tryven

    Question on Photon Drops

    Newer player to Blue Burst here. When I played the originals, Photons Drops weren't a thing. Just started yesterday and looted one while running through last night. As a newer player, what do you all suggest I do? Should I save them up now or would I benefit to using the one I have now?
  7. brionac

    #useful-info: Compilation of Linked Guides and References for Newbies

    Welcome to Ephinea! Here's a collection of links for beginners; also, here is a starting point on your journey to understand how a basic party functions without the details. To learn more about this server, such as finding what's next week's boost, prepare yourself for links upon links of...
  8. S

    4th Evo Mag question?

    Hey'alls new to a lot of systems in the online game: Once a mag gets to it's 4th evolution - do you have to maintain the balance in it's levels with risk of it evolving back, or does it set in it's 4th form and you can start to stack whatever attribute you like?
  9. fwab123

    First time online player here

    Hey, everyone! This is my first time playing Phantasy Star Online, well, online! I used to play the game on my GameCube ages ago but it always offline. So, if you don't mind letting a scrub join your party then let me know, haha.
  10. C

    New to PsoBB

    So I've played the old GMC one (episode 1 and 2) but this episode 4 is new to me, I'm rather excited. I'll start in solo player for now, it's been a decade since I last played pso. Just one thing I'm wondering about that I can't decide on: Partisan or Rifle?
  11. F

    Changing Section ID? Before or After Level 20?

    Hi there, So I'm new to this server, despite having played on SCHTHACK several years ago, etc. And playing the Gamecube version over a decade ago. I think I misread the instructions on changing the Section ID. I waited until level 20, which I thought was the minimum level, but now it's saying...
  12. G

    Looking for team

    Hello. My 3 friends and I are just starting off on this server and are all looking for a team with space for all 4 of us. The hope is that it already has dressing room unlocked or is working on it, and that they have patience in us leveling and working our way up. Thank you for your time reading...
  13. pso_zet

    Team Pristine! [CLOSING]

    Hello all! Former Phantasy Star General (PSG) Co-captain here... I present to you... Team Pristine on PSO! We are a small team dedicated to giving newbies a place to start while at the same time slowly climbing the team rankings to get special bonuses. We will also be doing fun events like...
  14. DillyDV

    Hello, DillyDV here

    So I'm not really new to PSO, been playing GC version for almost 2 decades, and finally just getting around to finding this gem. I just started out and I like my forces. Don't be afraid to hit me up.
  15. Fawful

    So... Hello.

    I decided to make a forum account after I played PSO for some time. So... here's some things about me. -I got into PSO when a friend recommended this server to me. -Other than PSO, I play Pokemon and Monster Hunter. -I like writing, and I have a group of friends that I do this with. I may not...
  16. Halloween Never Ends

    Hello and follow your dreams

    Hi, I'm Halloween Never Ends, a name I've held onto since last October and one I intend to keep. I played Phantasy Star Online originally on the Gamecube when I was a wee lad. I only have selective memories such as killing the "sewer snake" boss, being in an area with high tech and robots, and...
  17. Kneesocks

    > Harro ^^; o7

    Harro, I'm Kneesocks. Friends call me Knee or Soksu/Socks or just Kneesocks. > Looking for a Team to do all the things with. > DC/XB Ver.1&2/PSO2JP player new to BB.. I love to learn all the things, information and tips are highly appreciated. > I don't like playing alone.. I play caseals...