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Alolan Fox

Here's a collection of links for beginners; also, here is a starting point on your journey to understand how a basic party functions without the details. To learn more about this server, such as finding what's next week's boost, prepare yourself for links upon links of content with a few repeated links.

If you haven't started yet, please register here to play, check out this page to select which account is right for you, and don't forget to introduce yourself. I'll point back to the guides sub-forum if you want some more specific advice on how to "git good", but here's what I'm offering for now. The format is basically a linked title followed by either a partial quote from the original post to the linked article or a slight edit on my part to emphasize the contents of that related title. Enjoy the free knowledge.

Nikki's A Small PSA for everyone.
If someone links to random websites containing "downloadable PSO related material" and it's not an "official" source like PSO-World, our forums and website, or skinning sites like Univers-PS, please bear in mind that consequences from clicking on, browsing in, and downloading any and all material from fishy websites are your responsibility.

Agastya's A guide for people who played PSO2 before PSO
PSO is a very, very old game. Perhaps you played PSO2 first for the waifu dressup, or because friends asked you to, and after killing Gal Gryphon for the ten thousandth time, you decided to look into the predecessor only to realize that the only real similar elements are that some of the classes are familiar and that it's an action RPG. This thread is here to help ease you into the culture shock of traveling back in time.

Ephinea Forum and Server Rules
The Ephinea Forum and Server rules are located here. You may find this page at the bottom of the forums and clicking on "Terms and Rules".

Disclaimer (the fine print) [Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C]
We would also like you to know that GAME MASTERS ON THIS SERVER CANNOT CREATE ITEMS. Game Master privileges are limited to the ability to moderate the game and forum only.

Ephinea Server Commands
Ephinea has a lot of commands you can type in-game to customize your experience or perform certain actions.

Ephinea Wiki
Please see the links on the left-hand column for general information, and see the center of the page for "Useful Info". Also, check out the current Hunter's Boost Road quests in the purple box in the top right corner of the page. When you go to the article for converting monster parts into weapons and adding hit to them, watch this video since you'll need this information to make your journey run smoothly. Lastly, here's a quoted warning to anybody that wants to exchange photon drops for items with Paganini from the secret shop in Gallon's Shop: Selecting "Exchange for an item" will allow the player to trade all of the Photon Drops in their inventory for an item from Paganini; the selection of items he offers depends on the number of PDs in the player's inventory. In other words, please don't accidentally waste all of your photon drops because of this oversight by SEGA!

Ephinea Wiki Article for Teams
A team is a group of players organized in-game who come together for one purpose or another. Common reasons for creating or joining a team include having a reliable group to hunt items and level up with, being able to play Point of Disaster, or just having a pretty icon next to your name. Team creation is unrestricted on Ephinea, but certain team functions (team flag, dressing room, additional members, and team quests) aren't available until they've been unlocked by spending Team Points. A player can only belong to one team at a time. [Here's a tip to earn Team Points (TP) easily: Hunt Magic Rock Moola (50TP) or Branch of Paku Paku and transform it into Striker of Chao in TTF (50TP).]

Ephinea Wiki Article for List of Weapons which Cannot Combo
On this page, a comprehensive list of weapons which cannot combo are listed, for easy reference.

Ephinea Wiki Article for List of Weapons with Reduced Specials
It is a common misconception that weapons with rarity 9 stars or less is reduced, and those with 10 stars are unreduced with some exceptions. The actual rule is every weapon with hex value preceding Photon Claw can be reduced, if it comes with a special with reduced form (i.e. not sacrificial) and it attacks more than one time or capable of acquiring more than one target per attack. Specials of all other weapons are unreduced.

Melirei's Guide Regarding Tekking and Mistekking [Ephinea Wiki Article on Tekking]
When you let a Tekker identify a special weapon, its photon attribute % can go up or down by a maximum 10% difference (-10%, -5%, +/-0%, +5%, +10%). The %s do not change independently--all %s are increased or decreased the same amount--but you can decline the Tekker's proposal and retry as much as your wallet allows to get different %s. You almost always want to tek it up 10%, because it's more powerful that way.

Ephinea Wiki's article for Claire's Deal 5
In Claire's Deal 5, players can make the following trades after passing Claire's test. Any italicized common weapons cannot be available for purchase from the Weapons Shop and may be worth a player's while to look out for.

Folestet's Lobby Actions Post
I ended up figuring out all of the keyboard shortcuts for the lobby actions/emotes. Here is the list for the next person wondering. Lobby actions are in the same categories and order as they appear in the menu you can bring up with Ctrl+End by default, just with slightly different labels.

Spoon's The Symbol Chat Thread
Post em here, guys and gals. I'm just dumping the good ones from my characters. Feel free to discuss symbol chat techniques, post yours/request ones that you may have seen, and ask when the Admin is gonna find a way to unlock symbol chat for unlimited parts.

Bagarozy's PSO's Info Board
Personally the first thing I do after checking who's in the lobby is check Info Boards. Sadly, almost nobody seems to ever have one ;( Almost everyone had one back in the day, come on guys! =)

Drop Charts (Drop Charts in JP)
Inspired by Matt's Proposed Drop Charts.

Black Paper's Deals
Here's a post by @Sodaboy about it; Black Paper's Deal (BPD) is also known was Dangerous Deal with Black Paper (DDwBP). The PSO-World guides for DDwBP1 and DDwBP2 can give you tips on how to beat the monsters, but I would rely on the first link in this post for the current list of rewards. Also, in the first quest, the number of items that drop after winning depends on what difficulty it is. For example, Hard mode releases two items while Ultimate mode releases four items. In the second quest though, one item drops in Normal mode and Hard mode while two items drop in Very Hard mode and Ultimate mode.

Coren's Prize List
Here's a post by @Matt: Coren is the Wandering Tekker on Pioneer 2, currently located near the shops in all Episodes' Multi-Mode. You can give him either 1,000, 10,000, or 100,000 Meseta for a chance at a random item. The item you receive differs depending on the day you give him the meseta, and how much meseta you offer. Note that here is a high chance of a junk item. [Want to know when to gamble at the right time? Type /time in the game to know what the time is on the server.]

A Guide for Participating in Auctions
I think this is a useful guide even for players that have been at it before. To give the new players some insight on how to conduct an auction and how to participate in another player's auction, this guide is for you.

conenubi701's Battle Mode Rule 2,3 and 6 Thread
Learn how to play Battle Mode courtesy of conenubi701.

NDW's Challenge Mode Questions - Ask away.
I thought a separate Challenge Mode question thread would be more appropriate then having it in the Meeting thread. Sometimes it can get congested with questions and whatnot. So if you have any questions, just ask here - there are a few experienced players that can/will/should/want to answer your question :lol: [PSO-World Guides & Useful 2C4 Map Post + crate's guide]

Bliz's I want YOU! To join Hardcore
Sometimes when I look at the pros and cons, I can't help but wonder why there aren't more HC players. I thought I'd do a little information spreading and let you know why it's a good idea to join Hardcore! [Even though most people don't play this game in hardcore mode, this game mode is here to stay. Hardcore players don't have 200% for the rare monster rate since this would affect Normal players chances of seeing them more often than otherwise. See this more recent post, which is similar to this post, for how this feature eventually was removed. Also, Scape Dolls are not rewarded to players in Hardcore mode as they are in Normal mode, and Scape Dolls won't be preserved when someone else uses a Moon Atomizer to revive players. Lastly, there is no way for a hardcore player to join a party if it has Classic drops enabled from a hardcore player hosting it as this was patched in this update. Hardcore players must make a One Person Mode room instead.]

Anime's FAQs
If you have a question that isn't answered, post it in the Quick Question - Quick Answer Thread!

Anime's PSO Acronym & Terms Guide (Work In progress!!)
Not sure how exhaustive this will be. I might just keep it as a concise list that includes terms specific to Ephinea...we'll see.

Anime's The Definitive Section ID topic (for Ephinea!)
im working on this rn onk [Here's an old reference for Section ID's (SID) that indicates what the tekker looks like. It also shows what SID grouping each SID belongs to with respect to mag feeding where ID-A = Viridia, Purplenum, Redria, Skyly, and Yellowboze while ID-B = Bluefull, Oran, Whitill, Pinkal, and Greenill. There are also types of materials that are more likely to drop based on SIDs: SID's in the ID-A group have Power, Def, and Evade Materials pop up more frequently while SID's in the ID-B group have Mind and HP Materials pop up more frequently. The frequency of materials dropping based on SIDs might be outdated for this server though.]

Anime's PW3 "Box Run" Guide for New Players & Veterans

islandwalk's FOmarl (and other FO’s) Support Build - TTF Beginner’s Guide for Ultimate difficulty
[If you're going to start out casually, you might as well start out as a FOmarl until further notice.]

PSO-World's Maps for Episode 1 & 2
Do you want to know what to expect before you start a quest? Take a look at these maps and review some map patterns, monster count tables, and experience points tables. Here's a printable set of maps too. Too bad Episode 4 maps are not included.

PSO-World Guides for Boss Rushing Quests like Towards the Future (TTF), Respective Tomorrow (RT), & Point of Disaster (POD) [Quests Galore]
Speaking of guides to boss rushing quests that are also listed in this reference, check out some more information on the default, or vanilla, quests here to get an idea what they are like. The Ephinea Wiki has it's own page on quests here too, and this unofficial QEdit Wiki has its own list of quests in here too.

The Gizonde Glitch
Here's a thorough guide to get through TTF more quickly when fighting Vol Opt in phase one, especially in Ultimate mode. This special technique is called the Gizonde glitch.

Hunters Boost Road added.
OK! So, we sort of stole another feature from the now departed PSU. If anyone remembers "GUARDIANS Boost Road", we implemented something similar called "Hunters Boost Road". [Also, check out Spuz's Guide for Hunter's Boost Road quests in the purple box in the top right corner of the page.]

Spuz's Basic Mag information. [His Mag Feed Plans]
We now have a Wiki for Ephinea so feel free to check out mag information there!

Spuz's Monster/Box Finding Guide (New)
Since the old thread is out of date and never getting updated I decided to remake the thread with all the current quests. If you know of any good hunts/new quests are added please feel free to post and I will try them out & add them to the list to keep it updated. [Also, consider this nugget of information when your target enemies have more than a 100% Drop Anything Rate (DAR). The Rare Drop Rate (RDR) does receive a slight boost as mentioned in that post that was linked in the previous sentence.]

Spuz's ES Weapons/ S-rank Info & what you should make.
All info can be found on the wiki: http://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=ES_Weapons including all the weapons stats & info.

NDW's List of Informative Topics
A long list of links to general aspects of the game by @NDW.

Honeydrew's Peripheral Knowledge Guide to PSO
heyo there are a lot of weird obscure/niche things that are helpful to know about this game. i'm gonna list some of them. [Also, I thought this other article by @honeydrew is useful to know for the Lame D'Argent; I haven't found out how this applies to other items that require unsealing.]

SNS Glitching and More for Newbies Guide
I like to remind some players that we really didn't write a guide dedicated to this simple yet powerful glitch on the forum until now, but others like @StevieWonderDownUnder did mention it in passing in his Force Guide (WIP) post a couple months ago while @admiralpit mentioned a shorter version for FOmars back in 2016. Props to both of them for bringing it up sooner than later. Here are a few examples of what it's like to take advantage of some ranged attacks in this game. For better results on hunters and forces, equip a Smartlink unit before practicing.

Calculator & Stats Reference
Well, this calculator and stats reference won't waste paper. Too bad that not all of these calculators aren't tailored for Ephinea yet, but it's close enough. Also, enjoy the other references that have more information and numbers for you to look up!

Technique Boosts Reference
This is what I was wanted to find initially anyways: Ephinea Forums Tech Boosts

Matt's Stats Plans with Links
Feel free to edit these templates since I have linked these stats plans to an updated SCHT class simulator without the SCHT gear. Also, I discovered a secondary link to the JP version of this simulator that you can insert by replacing en with jp in the ending /en.htm section of the URL before all the details for the class are inserted. I planned to include the JP links right after the EN links as well, but the 40,000 character limit prevented that from happening. I'll attach the full file eventually though, so log in and grab that if you will.

I removed the quotations from Matt's Stats Plans since that's too small to read, and I plan to post extra stats plans with a few adjustments elsewhere. Here's the point: You can now save these plans in text files yourselves if you like so that you can click them on and have an easy to edit reference even if you don't feel like coming back to the forum to click on them just to access them.

Quick Client Setup Guide
This won't be a comprehensive tutorial for setting up a client, but I think it's worthwhile to have this as a starting point to add to the gaming experience. I took a weekend to put this all together in a more up-to-date fashion since not much has been posted lately on the following subjects in a newbie friendly way. Don't forget to get the Official Blue Burst manual, including Gamecube and Dreamcast manuals courtesy of @redDEAD. If you don't want to download it from there, you can go here too. [Here's what I have done so far with my own recommendations.]

Linux Tutorial for Playing PSOBB on Ephinea
2020 Editorial Note: So you dumped Windows 7 out of necessity, and Windows 10 sucks? Well, here's something that I have used back in 2018. It might be outdated technically speaking, but the idea to run the game via Wine is still possible theoretically. So here's the guide, and I'll get around to running this game in Linux again in 2020 someday.

PSOBB Ephinea Jukebox Album
Have you wondered what kind of music is in the Ephinea Jukebox before? Feel free to like, comment, and rate about some songs that Ephinea offers to players in the lobby for a small fee of 5,000 meseta per play. Also, I attached a zip file of a folder containing all of the images that go into this Album.

Events on Ephinea
As for the list of events that occur on this server, here is a short list of events that usually occur annually in no particular order:
  • Anniversary - August
  • Christmas - December
  • Halloween - October - November
  • Easter - March - April
  • Summer Scavenger Hunt - June
  • Valentine's Day - February
  • White Day - March (on the 14th)
Also, we do have Seasons Mode, which is an optional game mode from the middle of January to the middle of April. This mode isn't expected to make a comeback often, so if it didn't happen this year, it's not a surprise really.

PSO-World: Phantasy Star Online Links Index
Phantasy Star Online is an action role-playing game that was first released for Sega Dreamcast. Since then, The following versions of the game have been released:
  • Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2
  • Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2
  • Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2 Plus
  • Phantasy Star Online Online: Blue Burst
Listed below are categorized information links for these games. [Please use this as a secondary source of information where the Ephinea forums and Ephinea wiki site are primary sources of information for the Ephinea server.]

PSOBB Wiki [JP to EN]
This site is an information wiki for Windows PC game software "Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Episode 4" since January 2010.

OUTDATED: Ephinea's Dynamic Drop Rate, PSO2 Drop, and Luck Systems
On January 15th, 2018 at 15:00 UTC (07:00 Pacific, 10:00 Eastern), we will be removing the Classic drop style from the normal game play mode. In addition to this, we will also be removing Drop Anything Rate penalty on the PSO2 drop style so that the rate does not decrease as more players join your party. [The Photon Fortune, or Lady Luck, daily boost which can be accessed with /luck and /forecast still applies: For Luck levels 0/1/2/3, it's still 0%/1%/2%/3% in One Person mode while it's 0%/1%/3%/5% in Multiplayer mode.]

OUTDATED: Milestone permanent event is now ON.
New Boost System

Moving away from the weekly milestone boost system, we'll be implementing a new boost system that provides all players with a scheduled, consistent boost system. These boosts do not have to be earned, they are automatically applied.
  • Week 1: Drop Anything Rate +25%
  • Week 2: Rare Enemy Rate +50%
  • Week 3: Rare Drop Rate +25%
  • Week 4: Experience Rate +50%
And repeat. The boost system will start with Drop Anything Rate, and move onto Rare Enemy Rate on 24/09/2017.

This is to give a variety to the boosts that occur, and so that something is always happening instead of periods of nothing and something.

OUTDATED: Transfer into Ephinea
Just wanted to bump this and let people know downloading characters from Schtserv is now supported.

http://files.pioneer2.net/character_downloader.zip for the latest version.


To end this list of links, here a few posts asking some good questions followed up with related posts about the game.

What's Behind the Server & Ship Names?
@Prinny asks: Where do the server and block names come from? @Metaldude answers over here. Which reminds me to mention where the server derives its name, Ephinea, from. There also is another ship called Algol that used to be available to the public. For official server names, click here to go on PSO-World. Also here's a quote from the first banner you see when selecting a ship after choosing a character right before reaching the lobby on Ephinea. Ship locations are as follows: US/Fodra -- Chicago, Illinios; US/Auldrant -- Seattle, Washington; EU/Lumireis -- Frankfurt, Germany

What Does RES Mean?
@Sodaboy answers: It is a dick move where “Res” means reserved. Basically means they are waiting for specific people but they are too lazy to set a password, so they would rather just get mad and command others to leave when they join, if they’re not the specific people they want to join them in their game.

How did Photon Drops come to replace meseta as currency?
Short Answer by @Zen: Photon Drops are used for specializing ES weapons, buying exclusive items from Gallon's Shop and adding areas % to stronger your weapons. Which is far more valuable than the use of mesetas.

Why do people idle in the lobby so much?
Answered by @emoticon: Thank you for writing. Your concerns have been duly noted. Don't worry, you're not alone! There are many folks like you who wonder about the world that is the PSO lobby and how on earth such a simple-looking place can captivate so many players. Much like Ragol itself, where I'm sure you spend much of your time, the lobby, in fact, is a stage filled with intrigue, excitement, and, of course, drama.

Rune's End game guide to PSO
alt + i to sit in a photon chair
confirm to move chair forward some, this lets you compete in the real part of PSO's high stake end game.
cancel to stand up again not that you'll need this option though. Hot tip: you can also talk to the counter lady to make you stand up by default.

Phantasy Star Online : Lore and Story [Video 1, Video 2, & Video 3]
Posted by @Asmod3hus: I want to know if anyone can give me more info on the actual story/lore of the game ? Because except for the few details we get when questing and some bits of info on the internet, I didn't find anything concerning the story, especially about ep II and IV.

DCEmulation's Web Archive of SEGA's PSOBB Website - Get Started
Welcome to PSO Blue Burst! Not only can you now play from any PC computer that has the game installed, but with an all-new Team System, you’ll go deeper into the PSO experience than ever before.

Rare Trivia: Japanese Character and Class Nicknames
Posted by @Spoon: This is a thread about the abbreviated nicknames given to the character classes by Japanese players, and the explanation as to why those names were chosen.

Uncyclopedia's Article for Phantasy Star Online
Phantasy Star Online is like Cocaine, you know damned well even before you try it that it is no good and unhealthy, but you try it anyway and you never stop.

MIRROR POST: KodiaX987's Sheet of PSO Personalities
Posted by @Villain: I found this post on PSO-World [Source Lost], and I couldn't pass this one without a straight face.

PSO Time Attack (TA) Website: 4waypb.com
If you're more ambitious and want to compete with other speed runners that like to play this game, you can visit this page to view their time attack records over here on this website and over here on this site's forum. As of May 2020, you can meet up with some of them daily through their TEAMZ event. Also, there's some more interesting information from their website like @NDW's PSOBB Resources & Guides website which is brought to you by Google Sites that is linked in this site's Miscellaneous page with some other great links too!

Are you still looking for something? As a reminder from @anime's post, please fell free to ask a question in here, or please ask around at the following social media websites:

Ephinea Discord
Reddit: r/PSO
Hardcore Discord
Challenge Mode Discord
Ephinea Wiki Discord
Mag Daycare Discord
The Mag Mafia Discord
The Hunter's Guild Discord
PSO: TA Discord
PSO Youtube Community

Remember, don't feel overwhelmed with all this information; it'll be around here somewhere if you're still looking for "it". Just don't forget to have fun!

May 11, 2020: Thanks for the pin in the guides sub-forum @anime!


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