Changing Section ID? Before or After Level 20?

Hi there,

So I'm new to this server, despite having played on SCHTHACK several years ago, etc. And playing the Gamecube version over a decade ago.

I think I misread the instructions on changing the Section ID. I waited until level 20, which I thought was the minimum level, but now it's saying I'm too high.

I wanted to be Viridia as I'm playing a RaCast Ranger.

Is there any way to go back and fix this despite now being low 30's?

Thanks for your time!
Unless you remake your character, no. The /help page specifically says < 20.
Well, he can put his Gear in shared bank and if he has dedicated time getting low 30s on a day is easy, specially with the current exp boost. That's if he really wants a difficult ID :3