new guy

  1. Gengarr

    A pretty late introduction..

    Hi, I've actually been playing on Ephinea for about a month now or so and I never formally introduced myself here, so here's my late introduction. I'm 19 y/o and my name is Blake (pretty far below the average age of players on here I assume), and I came to Ephinea because I have been...
  2. W

    Back to the game we love.

    Ello all! My brother and I put in thousands of hours into PSO ep 1and2 + on the GC as kids and then bunches into universe as well but never had the same love that we did for the original. We are in our twenties now and came to the shocking revelation that there are fully functional servers for...
  3. zunigi

    Hi im new to the game

    as the title said im new to the game :D i remember playing in a friends house long time ago xD any tips for a noob racast? xD Ign:Nyske
  4. RedeemingCross

    How do you play this game again?

    Hey Peeps! Crazy to see this game is still alive and kickin'! I played PSO offline on the Gamecube back in the day, and played solo through the entire experience (a good friend made a character to "hard" with me, but that was it). Too young to play online when this game had official servers, I...