1. greygrin

    Late introduction

    Hello friends, Long time pso player since GameCube days, and early online 2 when the language patches were still fresh and navigating menus took some work. Still got my original copy of ep1&2 but it no longer reads, couple good scratches. I was grinding on dolphin (schtserv) last year, I moved...
  2. CheezItMuncher

    I'm new to PSO, so hello!

    Hello everybody! I'm Zackary. I started playing this server today! It's very cool, and my very first PSO game. I hope everyone has a great day!
  3. TheDealer

    Excited to be back at Ragol!

    Hello everyone!! o/ I never thought I would see the day I would come back to Pioneer 2 and Ragol again, but here I am! Use to play the game back during the GC port, although the online servers were dead by that time and never finished the games either, although the music and lore of the PSO...
  4. chaosthode

    Ah yes, Ragol...It seems the stars aligned themselves

    Hey everyone, I miss the days of Blue Burst. I was typing a long winded intro at first, explaining my passion of the games of old, and detailing my my love for the Phantasy Star titles that dabbled in the online market and the series aesthetic in general while listening to an extended version...
  5. SytealCeladon

    Hey all! If anyone wants to start from low level with me...

    I value the game as a natural grind as well as giving room to forming friendships in order to give a degree of challenge and also establish a culture of caring for one another. I'm open to listening and discussion and just having a chill time! Find me online as Syteal or Zaranaya in the West...
  6. M


    Just joined the community, hopefully bringing some people with me, love how helpful people like Gibbons, and MR Roboto have been, there are others though I'm forgetting names -_- can't wait to give back to the community! Name of my main is Ol1ve See you online!
  7. BTJK

    Hello from Oregon!

    Hello, My name is Darius. I got my start with PSO on the Dreamcast like most people. After that a friend of mine got me into the episodes with Schtack, eventually landing on PSOBB (PSU was nothing). My point being I love PSO and its universe and I've been watching Schatck slowly evaporate for...
  8. Gengarr

    A pretty late introduction..

    Hi, I've actually been playing on Ephinea for about a month now or so and I never formally introduced myself here, so here's my late introduction. I'm 19 y/o and my name is Blake (pretty far below the average age of players on here I assume), and I came to Ephinea because I have been...
  9. [Kaiser]

    Hello, I'm [Kaiser]

    I've been playing since pso xbox. I played psu ps2 & 360. I played on schthack serveras well. I currently play pso2 (feoh). Do you remember me or "Lobby Rat =]"? if so hit me up, if not hit me up =D. Its nice to be back on PSO! Looking forward to meeting and playing with the community. =]
  10. Data

    Yo ~

    I'm Data. Grew up with PSO Episodes 1 & 2 local play on my GameCube. Found Ephinea years later and within minutes of creating my first character and logging into the lobby, @Harborer of Hope (and others) ran me through the game and I fell in love with this server and it's community. My...
  11. Nappafact1on

    Veteran returning to Ragol after 13 years

    Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself and say that I look forward to playing with you all! Word of warning, I come from the Dreamcast game and am playing PC BB so if I start asking dumb questions please be patient with me. I wasn't even aware they made 3 more episodes after the main game...
  12. Fire AKA Drazn

    The place where I do the introduction thing I guess

    So yeah. You might have already seen me about, or my rebalance project, But I thought I'd do one of these since I have some time before I go to bed. The obvious stuff, I'm a dude, I live in sunny (rainy) Scotland, I'm really into games and otaku culture (Anime, Manga, Visual Novels, Figures...
  13. GHOSTS

    Hello world!

    I was a DC v1 and GC vet, but never got into BB back during the SEGA or SCHT server days. Don't know why, but I dediced to look up PSO a few days ago and found this place. After some research, I figured I'd sign up here and play since it looked like the best server out there. It's been fun so...
  14. Char-E

    Hello. I used to play on GameCube with my friends.

    Hello, PSO was a big part of my childhood back when GameCube was still the latest Nintendo home console. My friends and I played split screen a lot--none of us had ever had the chance to try the game online. I think I'm the only one that bothered to check online for ways to play on PC years...