What's the best (read: OPTIMAL) controller for PSO:BB

Discussion in 'General' started by anime, Mar 13, 2018.

Which Controller Is best?

  1. Xbox

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  2. PS4

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  3. Gamecube

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  4. Steam Controller

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  5. Other (Specify in post!)

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  1. anime

    anime Bonsai Trees Staff Member

    Guildcard 2:
    hello, I broke my steam controller, and now hunter is really, really hard to play.
    I'm thinking about buying a PS4 controller, but I'd like some opinions from established players on what controller they prefer and why.

    I don't really care about number of buttons, as I use quickmenu for most things. Mainly interested in opinions on ergonomics and stuff.

    Thanks ~
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  2. conenubi701

    conenubi701 קרטל אל

    Xbox One controller.

    Personally I use the Xbox One Elite controller with the Chatpad adapter. That way I don't have to put the controller down to type in-game and it also gives you the choice to use the 1-0 row for your number palette. I usually end up using this in battle mode unless the game is close but for cmode I strictly use quick menu for techs. Also, quick menuing with no secondary palette or number palette worked fine on my Eiji and Fu Sheng HUcasts in Ultimate.

    Ps4 is nice but I can't go back to it after using the Elite Controller daily.
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  3. Chono

    Chono Do you even .beats?

    I use a regular xbox one controller with the chat pad. Everything conenubi701 said is spot on.
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  4. Annie

    Annie Member

    I used an Xbox One controller until it broke like two/three weeks ago (one of the bumpers fell off)
    Personally,I would say that a PS4 or Xbox One controller are both good options!
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  5. Cassie 9

    Cassie 9 Real Life Red Ring Rico Staff Member

    I don't use a controller to play PSOBB, but all anybody ever talks about it how ergonomically pleasing the XBox One controller is, so I figure that must add to all the votes for that one ;)
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  6. Chono

    Chono Do you even .beats?

    I really want to try and use a n3ds
  7. CritDraw

    CritDraw Member

    Xbox > PS4 > Gamecube
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  8. Vhaman

    Vhaman The Experienced Newbie

    I'm all about the keyboard, but that's mainly because I've always played FO so I can't really be limited in options like that, but Xbox controller is the most comfortable IMO.
  9. Ascot

    Ascot Pitchy

    Miami, FL
    DDR dance mat or Donkey Konga drums are the real choices.

    ...alright, Xbox One.
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  10. Aoko

    Aoko Member

    Somewhere Far Beyond...
    I find the xbone, ps4, and GC controllers really uncomfortable to use.

    I use a Playstation 2 with a radioshack psx/usb adapter. The lack of analogue triggers is pleasing (i hate analogue triggers, I love pressure sensitive face buttons, not digital face buttons like the 360,xbone,ps4 controllers have) and the tactile feel along with the way the handles are on the ps2 controller just feels right. Not to mention I've developed a habit of using the tip of my left thumb to move around while using the joint of my thumb to use the d-pad while going through quickmenu. xD I don't even like using the right analogue stick to go through menus. XD
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  11. Eva

    Eva Member

    you can use palette manager and joy2key to fo just fine on a controller - i even have space to keep the ctrl version of the n/h/s attack buttons blank to keep from using accidental pbs.

    anyway, I've always preferred the xbox controllers, and I'd go up to the elite if i didn't constantly drop them. also worth mentioning that you can generally snag an xbox 360 controller for ~5-10 bucks cheaper than a one, works just as well for pso.
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  12. Eistee

    Eistee Resident of Colony 9

    I really enjoy playing on my Switch controller.
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  13. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    But what about


    Literally designed for PSO and even has a keyboard for easy typing!

    In all seriousness I don't think there's really an ergonomically optimal controller that fits everyone. Everyone has different hand sizes and quirks in movement that you're best just trying to figure it out for yourself.

    For example I find everything a lot easier to play with a PS3 controller than Xbox, because my hands are tiny and the Xbox controller feels incredibly massive to me that I don't like using it, but a lot of people much prefer the size of the Xbox controller than the PS one.
  14. Ray

    Ray Member

    South Korea
  15. Xurai

    Xurai Member

    I recently picked up a ps4. After not owning a play station since the ps2 days... I gotta say I definitely prefer the Xbox 360 and Xbox one controller. The ps4 controller is indeed smaller and hurts my hand thinking about it lol.

    It still has nice games which is why I'll deal with it.

    I do want to try a steam controller and I saw a post somewhere on here where someone mapped a lot of useful shortcuts which looks very useful.
  16. NDW

    NDW Natural Gameplay

    Youngstown, OH
    Guildcard 2:
    I prefer Xbox controller the most.

    It has a good design that's comfortable to hold in the hands and the D-Pad is placed between the analog sticks so you can use PSO actions from your 1-0 hotbar on it (after mapping keyboard strokes to your controller with a program like Antimicro) with your right thumb while being able to continue using the left analog stick with your left thumb to move at the same time.

    Sony's controller's D-Pad is too far away to be able to reach with your right thumb while your left thumb is staying on the left analog stick to move around and be able to keep firm control on the controller.

    The Xbox One Elite controller, while expensive, is by far my most favorite controller to use. Its build quality is great for a long-lasting controller with durable triggers, bumpers, and a D-Pad all made out of a metal.

    It even comes with two other sets of analog sticks (longer Xbox style analog sticks and Sony's dome style analog sticks) and an 8-way style D-Pad that you can easily swap, mix, and match. It's all magnetic!
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  17. Esufer

    Esufer heavenly/pun

    Xbone controller is what I'm using. I'd use a Dreamcast one if i had a way of doing so.
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  18. Yalyn

    Yalyn Yeah!

    Hate to bring up my old doodle:


    Because you mentioned short-menu is what you use the most then really Xbox or Gamecube (anything similar) will do.

    I have used a lot of the official Xbox 360, official Xbox One, and a third party Xbox One controllers and they all work fine. (Next one on my list is to get the Xbox One Elite.)
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  19. ToasterMage

    ToasterMage Member

    SF bay area
    pso was designed for the gamecube controller yo.

    Really I`ve just used it for pso for what 15 years now and its habit.
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  20. conenubi701

    conenubi701 קרטל אל

    Dreamcast, but the left hand layout is pretty much the same as the GameCube and Xbox Controllers.

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