Ephinea PSO BB on Steam Deck (Official Thread)

I was able to install PSOBB onto my steam deck about a week ago thanks to this video I had seen on YouTube from a user by the name of 1UPBebop. I enjoy playing a quest or two while I'm on a break at work. Finding out about Phantasy Star Online was like finding my golden ticket from Willy Wonka! I can't believe that Sega managed to make an amazing MMO and this game came out originally in December 2000. I love that people still play PSO and are continuing to allow us to enjoy the original content and also the user-made stuff as well. I highly recommend to Steam Deck users that you try the game out on a monitor/screen using a USB-C dock. I'll actually have my keyboard plugged in for chat and my PS5 controller works really well with the game too.

To those who can't get the game to work, you can do it too! I believe in you :D
Edit: I didn't realize until I went to install that addons are included in the download pack. I'll see about maybe figuring out palette manager too but for now I'm just trying to get it running.

Man for some reason I can't get lutris to even install its runners/updates. It just perpetually says "downloading...ac_runtime"

This is an out of the box steam deck and is nearly the first thing I did (aside from downloading steam games and updating the device). Irritating.

I used my wifi hotspot and suddenly it worked like a charm. I think my 5ghz wifi is an issue maybe?
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