1. Matt

    Ephinea PSO BB on Steam Deck (Official Thread)

    This thread will serve as technical support and instructions on how to get the best possible experience on the Steam Deck. If you require technical support for installation on the Steam Deck, you must post in this thread for a response - technical support will not be provided through Discord as...
  2. villain2k

    Steam Overlay Enabled, but doesnt work

    Has anyone found a workaround to get the stock version of PSO BB Ephinea (w/out mods) I've tried everything adding just about every exe related psobb file in the folder. And still doesn't work :( I searched the forums hopefully i didn't past anything and overlooked any threads or replies. But...
  3. Xira

    The Steam Input / Controller Guide

    STEAM DECK USERS DO NOT USE THIS GUIDE - go to PURPOSE OF THIS GUIDE Minimize touching the keyboard: control 1-0 Keyboard Hotbar or even SHIFT-F(X) Keyboard Shortcuts with gamepad Compatible with...
  4. Xira

    Steam / GOG Library Grid-Icon for Ephinea

    This is Ver. C - more to choose from in the attachments at end of post. DISCLAIMERS: No copyright or ownership claimed. This is a mashup of others' images made in Paint.NET. Ephinea is Sodaboy's / the Ephinea staff's. Background image and PSO are (C) SEGA. STEAM - Download the above image...