Guildcard 2
As I said last month, I will post the relevant info about this month’s HBR. I will talk about the drops but also a small guide of what is important this month, the Tower Quests on ep2.


Well… there is one drop that is most important this HBR. SJS on Skyly. Everyone that is interested in SJS will be doing this month’s HBR. Besides that, Monkey King Bar drops as well on Skyly which is a very good weapon as well for hu’s (and HUcaseals in particular).

There is another drop though which might be worth mentioning which is Nei’s Claw from Ill Gill. It has says 1/25206 chance of dropping but it has a DAR of 40%. This means this drop can easily be increased by the HBR. For all I know, it hasn’t dropped on Ephinea yet so you might get a server first here.

There are a few other very rare items that can drop on other ID’s but whether they are worth it is up to you. First of all Madam's Parasol on Viridia and Angel Harp on Greenill from Gibbles. Psycho Wand drops on Oran and Lavis Cannon drops on Yellowboze and Whitill.

Mericarol drops Heaven Punisher on Purplenum 1/12603 which is a decent drop if you have some extra RDR, However, the droprate does not get boosted all that much if you look how much DAR there is anyway on this enemy. It is one of the best HP drops either way.

How to:

I will not write a full guide but I will tell you this. If you just started PSO this HBR is probably not for you. As a ranger you would need a frozen shooter and some demon gear (Demons laser with hit would be nice, demon mechs are best). A Bringers Rifle is good as well with some hit on it. Casts are very important since you will need freeze traps as well. If you don’t use them this HBR while you are a cast then you will probably be yelled at.

As a HU I would probably start to learn how to DF and that is the most useful here. You will be needing some skillz for this and is not for the faint hearted. Unless you have like 80 hit on it, HUcaseals are best for it.

Last but not least, the fo’s. Just s/d and j/z most. Use Bringers Rifle too (with 40/50 hit, demons really kicks in) and help to DPS a bit. I feel like your party would appreciate that.
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Small correction, if the Ephinea says the drop rate is 1/25,206, it's 1/25,206.

All E1/2 rates (other than bosses) are ripped from the GC file as well, so they're not wrong, your source is wrong.
Im coming back for easter. Is there many mericus? I might play HBR for them!

Just as a heads up: this HBR isn't as useful for SJS hunting as you'd think. The Gi Gue has a base 80% DAR, which means it only takes a few runs to get to 100% for a 4-man party.

I think it'd be better if you went for weapons from enemies that had low DAR, like Del Lily or Seabed monsters in West Tower. It's a better use of HBR to snag things like Zanba from Bluefull Sinow Zele, MKB from Redria Dolmolm, Yami with hit, or Demonic Fork instead of going on yet another SJS hunt that you could easily do solo at any time with the right gear because the former baddies have low DAR.

It reminds me a bit of the January HBR, where it seemed incredible at first glace, but it was only useful for 4-man teams because boss DAR is naturally 100% and it only took a handful of runs to boost the DAR back to 100% for 4-man teams.
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