1. Brvcx

    [Done]A> SJS 0/0/0/0|25 [CHB: 400]

    Heya, Freshly found in East Tower about 30 minutes ago. People have advised me to not unseal this and use it as a Hell Sword. So swing into next week helling all the lizards (or Delbiters) you desire. Or you can teampoint it, whatever your heart desires. I won't judge (well, maybe a little, but...
  2. Firkraag

    B> Hit% SJS

    25H+ If the owner of that Anniversary 40/45H is selling I'll drop some serious items and/or pds for it :wacko:
  3. kanae

    pda> sealed j-sword [25/0/0/0|0]

    reserve: 300pd countdown: 24h
  4. Zarod89

    B> SJS or plat badge 300PD

    Title :) (Price/stats can be discussed, just pm on the forum or dm me on discord)
  5. frieza

    B> SJS

    I have 2 stacks of 99 pds and a sphere! Please make my dreams come true...I've always wanted this sword! The only thing i am asking is that this weapon does not have hit or machine.
  6. Firkraag

    PDA> Sealed J-Sword [0/0/0/0|0] [CLOSED!]

    CLOSED! Reserve: 297 pd Countdown: 72 hours, 24hr resets Wants PD's Photon Sphere(s) (valued at 99 pd) I'll also unseal it for +30 pd's on demand.
  7. Firkraag

    A> Sealed J-Sword [0/20/0/20|0] [DONE]

    Sold for 440 pds! Note: Image is before it was tekked, they're 20's both AB/D. Reserve: 297 pd Countdown: 48 hours, 24hr resets I will unseal it for +10 pd on demand by the winner. [Done] Kill count: 22,977 / 23,000 Wants PD's Photon Sphere(s) (valued at 99 pd) Parasitic Gene "Flow"; PGF...
  8. NDW

    B>Sealed J-Sword/Tsumikiri J-Sword x2 (DONE)

    Looking for x/x/0/0 and 0/0/x/x or room to sphere for. PM me offers.
  9. All 3 Ubers Dropped

    All 3 Ubers Dropped

    SJS, Heaven Punisher, Psycho Wand
  10. Ceri0n

    April's HBR

    As I said last month, I will post the relevant info about this month’s HBR. I will talk about the drops but also a small guide of what is important this month, the Tower Quests on ep2. Drops: Well… there is one drop that is most important this HBR. SJS on Skyly. Everyone that is interested in...
  11. SJS


  12. SJS #3

    SJS #3

  13. SJS #2

    SJS #2

    SJS Tekked
  14. SJS #1

    SJS #1

    SJS hunt.
  15. Sjs