A> Sealed J-Sword [0/20/0/20|0] [DONE]


Sold for 440 pds!

2019-04-08 035850.jpg
Note: Image is before it was tekked, they're 20's both AB/D.

Reserve: 297 pd
Countdown: 48 hours, 24hr resets
I will unseal it for +10 pd on demand by the winner. [Done] Kill count: 22,977 / 23,000

  • PD's
  • Photon Sphere(s) (valued at 99 pd)
  • Parasitic Gene "Flow"; PGF (valued at 42 pd)
  • S-Ranks: Arrest Needle x2, Blizzard Needle
    • Above valued at Special + 15 pd
  • High hit% (50+) Sange, Yasha or Sange & Yasha with room for N/D
  • V502 x2, V101, V801
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Closing due to lack of interest, I'm going to unseal it and use it for the pb drain. I'm not ruling out a sale completely, send me a message if you want to trade for this sword.


At the request of Ai, I've gathered enough kills on this weapon to where it's practically an unsealed SJS. Thus I'm adding my price of unsealing (10 pd) on top of his current bid. Future bids(if any) would naturally include this without extra cost.

CHB @ 440, Auction ends in 24 hours from this post. I also want a PGF, valued at 42 pd.

If there's something wrong with this that I did not think of I'll take that 10 pd hit.
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