monkey king bar

  1. Toujours

    Monkey King Bar 0/20/0/25[30] DONE 10

    Res: 5pd Countdown 48H Resets 24H
  2. Spuz

    A> Monkey King Bar +25 [Devil's] [0/0/0/0|30] [DONE]

    CHB: @SE24 w/10pds Reserve: 10 Minimum bid increment: +2 Initial CD: 48hr from bid: 10/07/22 @11:23 (UTC) Reset CD: 24hr from bid: If not pds, wants are as follows:
  3. alaco

    Monkey King Bar CLEAN 35h 0/0/0/0/35h (SOLD:20)

    RES: 15 Countdown: 48 hours Reset: 24 hours
  4. Eistee

    A>Monkey King Bar [0/0/0/0/40] - 40h Clean

    Auctioning off this MKB which I found recently. A sweet item, for sure. Reserve: 65 PDs Countdown: 48h Wants: PDs (1 Sphere = 99 PDs) Thanks a lot!
  5. Spuz

    A> Monkey King Bar [Devil's] [0/0/0/0|15] [DONE]

    Res: 1pd Initial bid- 48h Reset CHB Bids- 24h Resets
  6. Maren

    Starter Pack (~1PD Shop) [UPDATE 2022]

    Revived thread. FLASH SALE! Cool stuff for starters for a 1 PD (or a few). For Payments I'll accept: PD's PC - 1:1 Luck Mat - 2:1 (No meseta, just choose until you fill for 1 PD) Thank you!
  7. Ceri0n

    April's HBR

    As I said last month, I will post the relevant info about this month’s HBR. I will talk about the drops but also a small guide of what is important this month, the Tower Quests on ep2. Drops: Well… there is one drop that is most important this HBR. SJS on Skyly. Everyone that is interested in...