1. Dezor Inyan

    Dezo Dogg's Free Demon Hitman Service

    Greetings ¦3c I am offering my services to new players and low level alts as a "voluntary hired hitman",.. for assistance and "guided touring" through Ragol - casually OR in quests*! I do not charge you in any way, form or shape. My personal demand is fairly simple, easy to meet and consists...
  2. Skatastic


    Hello! I couldnt find another issue like mine, so Ill post this and please delete if there is another post already made. Basically the /hbr command doesn't work for me. And when I talk to the NPC that tells you your kill count for the event, it says zero, even though I have kills. Any reason...
  3. Ceri0n

    This months HBR, war of limits series.

    Perhaps a bit late but better late than never right? Anyway, this months HBR is is the WOL series. I hope this HBR does take a bit longer than until 2 Februari since doing one rotation of quests takes about 1.5-2 hours (still depends somewhat on your party as well). Wol1 has a lot of Astarks...
  4. Ceri0n

    Team Hunters Boost Road!

    Hi everyone, I sometimes felt frustrated about the fact that there is not an easy HBR game for grabs when I log on. Maybe it is the time I am online and from Europe but I still need to try this. This is also why we have started a team that focusses on HBR. First and foremost I want to add that...
  5. Ceri0n

    This months HBR analytics

    Well, I will try to make a summary of this HBR and what it drops. I did this in the past a couple of times but because of a PSO burn-out I pretty much quit a year and a half ago. But I am back (already for a couple of months though) and I am here to stay for a while again. Anyhow, I’ve added a...
  6. Hbr+


  7. NDW

    Rebalance Hunters Boost Road Point & Boost System

    Right now, I see a few issues with the current HBR system that could be addressed and resolved to create a better, more balanced HBR system. These issues are: A large percentage of the 31 available boosts from HBR can be obtained with a small percentage of the 300 points used within the boost...
  8. Spuz

    HBR guide: Ranking System + Quest info.

    The wiki now contains information on HBR so feel free to check that out! This guide includes: HBR boosts per set (A set is a playthrough of all the quests within HBR once) Explantions into DAR/RDR DAR/RDR Information Previous HBR Quests Usefull links Old HBR Information Notes: Hunters Boost...
  9. Ceri0n

    April's HBR

    As I said last month, I will post the relevant info about this month’s HBR. I will talk about the drops but also a small guide of what is important this month, the Tower Quests on ep2. Drops: Well… there is one drop that is most important this HBR. SJS on Skyly. Everyone that is interested in...
  10. Ceri0n

    Analysis of this months HBR drops. The Endless Nightmare Series

    About every month the HBR changes. I will try to make an analysis of it at the very beginning so you know what to hunt on this one. This months HBR will be seen as an easy one since it is an EP1 HBR and there is no time limit. It is advisable to have someone above lvl 160 with you if you are...