Magatama allow you to plan the diet of your Mag to achieve the desired result, get an estimation of the Cost in Time and Meseta, All of this taking into account the requirement for each Evolution, Class, Section ID, Gender, and Stats Distribution.

This Also show which Photon Blast the Mag will learn, the Activation trigger and the Chance percentage of each said trigger to activate.

[ Advantage over MagFarm ]
  • Include All Mag and Mag Cells
  • You can save your current Mag for later use and start back where you left off.
  • Easy to Update The Mag information, Feeding Charts, Initial Class, Initial Section ID, Initial Mag Synchro, time between feeding and the cost of each items.
  • You can Change The Mag,Photon Blast, Class, Section ID and Background by editing the appropriate Pictures found in the Graphics folder.
[ Disclaimer ]
This program is still in devellopment so some issue may occurs, and i need the help of the community to find them if they exist.


For more information please visit the Main Thread on the Tools Forum.
For More Screenshot visit the Magatama Album
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  1. [ Beta 9 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Features ] Contextual Menu to increase or decrease by 6 set value, by default the value are...
  2. [ Beta 8.1 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Fixes ] Removed the Extra spaced added in the Output when loading a mag. Changed the order...
  3. [ Beta 8 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Features ] Can set mag default stats. Can load a Blank Mag from the menu Formatting of the...

Latest reviews

This app saved my mag! (and ruined my marriage) A+++++ would recommend! Lv 200 Striker unit with desired PBs and min/max stats for my class was easy after planning it with this!
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It was very useful when I was raising my mind Sato.
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Invaluable resource to anybody who raises mags. Doesn't have the bugs MagFarm has, and has many improvements over it to boot. There aren't very many things I can think of to improve it. Maybe include an index of feeding charts, or at the very least the ability to see what the chart is for your current mag.
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Awesome little app, very useful.
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