1. brionac

    6 DEX Mag Guide

    This specific guide is not for everyone since not everyone wants to take the extra time and effort to raise this sort of mag for a RAmarl with this stats plan that frankly is too close to be called a coincidence if you're not comfortable with that term for personal reasons. Damn it SEGA; this...
  2. Spuz

    B> Kusanagi 50-60h+

    Looking for as high as I can get. Can pay fairly.
  3. Aether89

    Influence the next Magatama Update !

    Magatama has reached a point where quality of life improvement are now the next steps. Also i am unsure with which idea to first implement. So you the community and users of Magatama will decide the features that will be added in the next updates. The others one will be in a subsequent one...
  4. Aether89

    Magatama Beta 9

    Magatama Beta 8 Released Interface by Aether89 posted Apr 21, 2018 at 9:27 PM Magatama allow you to plan the diet of your Mag to achieve the desired result, get an estimation of the Cost in Time and Meseta, All of this taking into account the requirement for each Evolution, Class, Section ID...