Magatama Beta 9

a Modern Mag Planner/Calculator made by Aether89 [ WIP ]

  1. [ Beta 9 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Features ]
    • Contextual Menu to increase or decrease by 6 set value, by default the value are 5,10.25,100,250 or 1000 but can be changed in the settings.
    • Added Contextual Menu for the Quantity and Stats to allow to immediately set the value to 3, maximum,half the maximum or zero.
    • Added a progress Bar that display when Mass Feeding and can decide in Settings the minimum value needed to trigger the loading bar.
    • On Level Up display the current new stats.
    • Can change...
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  2. [ Beta 8.1 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Fixes ]
    • Removed the Extra spaced added in the Output when loading a mag.
    • Changed the order for the Section ID to the order of the Drop Tables
    • Fixed the feed counts reset not using the appropriate variables, caused it to not reset when mass feedings.
    • Increased the default value of the Quantity Numeric up down from 100 to 1000.
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  3. [ Beta 8 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Features ]
    • Can set mag default stats.
    • Can load a Blank Mag from the menu
    • Formatting of the Output with color and fonts.
    • Added a Version Check on load of save file
    • Added Feedcharts for PSO Version 1 or 2 ( Ep1 )
    • MagDex have the option to load Ep1 or Ep2 Feedcharts

    • Output Export as been modified to be in Rich Text File format.
    • Upgraded the PhotonBlast to use xml to populate list.
    • Redesigned the Settings Interface to use...
  4. [ Beta 7 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Features]
    • Added a message in the output when the mag gain a level.
    • The list are now populated from the data contained in a files.
    • Added Different Version for How to populate the list, Ep1 ( Version 1 ), Ep2 ( Ep I & II ) and Ep4 ( Blue Burst )
    • Changed the Interface of Magatama Editor and renamed it to MagDex.
    [ Fixes ]
    • Fixed a typo in spelling the first force mag evolution wrote Vitra rather than Vritra
    • Fixed the output log item count...
  5. [ Beta 6 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Features ]
    • Added a Redo and Undo Function to undo or redo the last feed item. ( Work with mass feed )
    • Added a Total Cost column for each item
    • Added the Mag Elenor and it Mag Cell Heart of YN-1107
    • Added Message for when the mag doesn't fulfil the requirement to use a Mag Cell.
    • Added Conditions to show Errors Message for when certain Mag Cells are tried to be used on a Stage 4 Mag.
    • Added in the Settings the ability to toggle on and off the Mag Racial...
  6. [ Beta 5 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Features ]
    • Added a Conditions that when you start it wont show evolved into a Mag
    • Added a default filename for the saved profile and the exported output. It follow the nomenclature Class_SectionID_Stage_Mag for a save and add _Output at the end for when Exporting the Output.

    [ Bug Fixes ]
    • Fixed thats when you saved a Mag the output would print the last content of a variable. CAUSE : the variable was a remnant of old code before i optimized the save...