Hi guys, this is my first shop and actually the first post that I'm making after all this time, well, I want to sell you some items that may or may not interest you but here I am anyway
You can contact me on this forum but I may not me active here so you can contact me on Discord if you want to chat with me for a specific item: Lemoneal#5315

Now, here's the list:

1PD Bin:
Dragon Slayer [Burning] [0/0/0/0|35]
Bloody Art [Devil's] [25/0/15/0|30]
Vjaya [Charge] [0/0/0/25|0]
Vjaya [Charge] [15/0/0/0|15]
Gungnir [Charge] [0/0/0/0|50]
Diska [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|50]
Diska [Charge] [0/0/0/0|50]
M&A60 Vise +9 [Berserk] [0/0/30/0|20]
M&A60 Vise [Berserk] [15/0/15/0|25]
Raygun [Charge] [0/0/0/0|50]
Raygun [Charge] [0/0/0/0|50]
Raygun [Arrest] [0/0/0/0|50]
Rianov 303SNR-1 [0/0/25/25|0]
L&K38 Combat [Burning] [25/35/0/0|0]
H&S25 Justice [Freeze] [15/0/0/0|30]
L&K14 Combat [Seize] [0/35/0/0|15]
Soul Banish [Berserk] [0/15/0/0|0]
Final Impact [Lord's] [0/0/20/0|25]
Flame Visit [Havoc] [0/0/0/25|0]
Frozen Shooter [20/0/0/0|0]
Panzer Faust [Chaos] [15/0/15/0|0]
Silence Claw [Dark] [0/0/0/25|30]
Double Saber [Mind] [0/0/0/30|0]
Soul Banish [Berserk] [0/15/0/0|0]
Holy Ray [Arrest] [0/20/25/0|0]
Caduceus [5/10/0/0|0]
Caduceus [0/20/0/0|0]
Imperial Pick [Devil's] [20/15/30/0|0]
Elysion [30/0/0/0|25]
Yamigarasu [Hell] [0/0/35/0|0]
Yamigarasu [Hell] [20/0/15/0|0]
Elysion [0/0/0/0|0]
Elysion [0/0/30/0|15]
Branch of Pakupaku [0/5/0/0|0]
Red Saber [Fill] [0/0/0/0|0]
Monkey King Bar [Devil's] [20/0/0/20|0]
Girasole [0/0/0/0|0]
Red Sword [Seize] [20/35/0/0|0]
Sange [Fill] [0/35/0/25|0]
Shouren [Blizzard] [0/10/15/0|0]
Shouren [Blizzard] [0/20/0/0|0]
Red Handgun [Storm] [0/15/0/0|0]
Frozen Shooter [0/0/0/0|0]
Frozen Shooter [20/0/40/0|0]
Anti Android Rifle [Tempest] [0/10/0/0|0]
Plantain Leaf [15/0/20/0|0]
Yasminkov 3000R +22 [0/20/0/0|0]
Branch of Pakupaku [0/25/0/0|0]
Heart of Poumn [Chaos] [0/15/0/0|0]
Yasminkov 9000M [0/0/0/0|0]
Guilty Light [Blizzard] [0/0/0/5|20]
Zanba [Berserk] [0/25/0/15|0]
Daisy Chain [Chaos] [0/0/0/0|15]
Daisy Chain [Chaos] [0/0/0/0|15]
Flamberge [Spirit] [25/0/25/35|0]
Flamberge [Spirit] [20/30/20/0|0]
Morning Glory [0/25/0/30|0]
Rage de Feu [Burning] [15/20/0/0|0]
Smoking Plate [0/50 | 7/20] [0S]
Aura Field [0/50 | 5/20] [0S]
Sacred Cloth [0/50 | 0/20] [0S]
Black Hound Cuirass [17/30 | 0/0] [0S]
Revival Garment [3/5 | 8/10] [0S]
Lieutenant Gear [2/18 | 5/16] [0S]
Gods Shield "Genbu" [0/0 | 0/0]
DB's Shield [0/10 | 0/10]
Gratia [3/20 | 7/15]
Gratia [10/20 | 8/15]
Yata Mirror [2/20 | 7/25]
Red Paint x1
Rappy's Beak x1
Bringer's Right Arm x1
Hildebear's Head x1
Hildebear's Head x1
Star Amplifier x1
Amplifier of Shifta x1
Amplifier of Foie x1
Amplifier of Foie x1
Amplifier of Barta x1
Amplifier of Blue x1
Amplifier of Blue x1

The Ok-ish bin
Diska of Braveman [Berserk] [0/20/0/0|15] 2PD
Monkey King Bar [Devil's] [0/0/0/0|15] 2PD
Rambling May [Chaos] [0/0/25/15|0] 2PD
P-Arms' Blade [Arrest] [0/0/0/0|40] 10PD
Laconium Axe [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|60] 3PD
Girasole [0/0/0/0|20] 3PD
Girasole [0/0/0/0|15] 2PD
Red Sword [Seize] [0/0/30/0|15] 3PD
Red Saber [Fill] [35/0/0/0|35] 2PD
Frozen Shooter [0/0/0/0|15] 3PD
Musashi [Berserk] [0/0/25/0|35] 2PD
Snake Spire [Dark] [0/0/0/15|45] 3PD
TypeSH/Shot [Charge] [0/0/0/0|40] 3PD
Blue Barrier [5/5 | 0/5] 2PD
Yellow Barrier [4/5 | 5/5] 2PD
Heavenly/Battle 2PD
Heavenly/Power 2PD
Heavenly/Power 2PD
Normally I start being active at 22:00 through 05:00 Server Time (I dont remember the timezone so I have to rely on that lole) if you want to ask for an item and trade during that time
Hope you like some of the items I'm offering, its not much but there's something in there that might be useful for you or someone else
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I'm interested in the Daisy Chain [Chaos] [0/0/0/0|25] 2PD, if it's still available.
How much for lemonade
About 249 Meseta per cup of lemonade, tastes better than a monomate and cures like a trimate with a hint of sol atomizers, it ain't much but I'm sure people will love it
Also, aside from thirst quencher, I heard some rumors that in some cases my lemonade attracts rare monsters when someone is about to drink one, pretty interesting huh? :eek: