1. Firkraag

    S> 55-60H Scavenger weapons

    V101, 30 pd V502, 30 pd V101+V502, 55 pd Diska [Charge] [0/0/0/0|60] 30 pd Raygun [Demon's] [0/0/0/0|60] 20 pd Vulcan [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|55] 15 pd Raygun [Hell] [0/0/0/0|55] 7 pd Raygun [Charge] [0/0/0/0|55] 7 pd
  2. Starstuff

    You expected a store, but it was me, Dio!

  3. Kyokuji

    Kyokuji's Poop Pile

    Message me in here or on Discord with an offer if you want something: Lance#4980 Weapons: Dragon Slayer [Burning] [20/20/0/0|0] Brionac [Soul] [0/5/0/10|0] Brionac [Soul] [0/0/0/0|0] Vjaya [Charge] [30/0/0/0|0] Gae Bolg [Freeze] [0/0/0/0|10] Gae Bolg [Freeze] [0/30/0/0|0] Gae Bolg [Freeze]...
  4. Firkraag

    S> Red Rings [DONE]

    140 pd RESERVED 99 99 Not going to sell the low ones.
  5. Starstuff

    Nei's claw funds store

    Selling everything, feel free to make an offer. I accept PDs (If you have a real Neis claw send me a dm) Gladius [Tempest] [0/0/30/0|0] Calibur +3 [Gush] [0/40/0/0|50] Gungnir +7 [Burning] [0/0/0/0|35] Gungnir +8 [Arrest] [0/0/35/0|50] Gungnir +10 [Freeze] [0/0/0/20|50] Vjaya [Charge]...
  6. Starstuff

    A> Berdysh 95H - Reserve 50 Pds -Done-

    Reserve 50 pds 72 hour initial 24 hour resets after first bid and new chb Bids should be at least, and multiples of 5 pds over the chb. (55, 60, 65, 70, 75, etc)
  7. Lemoneal

    Shop of various things and lemonade

    Hi guys, this is my first shop and actually the first post that I'm making after all this time, well, I want to sell you some items that may or may not interest you but here I am anyway ________________________________________________________________________ You can contact me on this forum but...
  8. Starstuff

    Buy my eggs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I have 2 event eggs for 1pd
  9. Starstuff

    Selling some stuff

    -DBs saber x4 -Flowens sword x2 -Blade dance -Photon claw -Hildebear head x2 -Booma right arm x2 -Gigobooma right arm -Photom ticket -Event egg
  10. Masio

    S > Items (Feb 08, 2019)

    Current shop: Feb 08, 2019 IGN: Masio ; Discord: Masio#1430 Waiting for new arrivals. Meseta/PD ratio: 500k/1
  11. Sassmeister


    As the title states, 12pd for 10 shinies! >:3 Note: Lowered from 15
  12. Sassmeister


  13. Sassmeister


    Nothing to see here :3