pd shop

  1. Azzy

    Azzy's widdle shop (Updated 1/10/2024) + Forge Items!

    WELCOME TO MY SHOP Currently Accepting: 1 PD = 1 PD Forge:
  2. slows

    slowsx shop

  3. Cy.

    Cy's PD/Mesta Shop

    Hey all! im looking to sell of some of my items! I can be found here on the forums or you can PM me on Discord @ Cy#4261 -Most prices are flexable / trade-able, make me offers! -Tons of free stuff! -Prices are based on This Guide and prices ive made myself...
  4. Kyokuji

    Kyokuji's Poop Pile

    Message me in here or on Discord with an offer if you want something: Lance#4980 Weapons: Dragon Slayer [Burning] [20/20/0/0|0] Brionac [Soul] [0/5/0/10|0] Brionac [Soul] [0/0/0/0|0] Vjaya [Charge] [30/0/0/0|0] Gae Bolg [Freeze] [0/0/0/0|10] Gae Bolg [Freeze] [0/30/0/0|0] Gae Bolg [Freeze]...
  5. Brvcx

    New and improved very nice awesomesauce PD shoppe steakbbqlmaonade!!

    Heya! So, here's a list of what I'm selling. Weapons: Charge Vulcan 0/0/0/0|45 Hell Vulcan 0/0/0/0|40 Photon Claw 0/0/0/0|50 Rambling May 0/0/0/15|0 Victor Axe 0/0/0/0|20 Suppressed Gun 0/25/0/0|50 Monkey King Bar 0/0/0/45|20 Slicer of Fanatic 30/35/0/0|0 Armors: Ultimate Frame (4) Celestial...
  6. Lemoneal

    Shop of various things and lemonade

    Hi guys, this is my first shop and actually the first post that I'm making after all this time, well, I want to sell you some items that may or may not interest you but here I am anyway ________________________________________________________________________ You can contact me on this forum but...
  7. Lepvelx

    Selling some stuff

    -DBs saber x4 -Flowens sword x2 -Blade dance -Photon claw -Hildebear head x2 -Booma right arm x2 -Gigobooma right arm -Photom ticket -Event egg
  8. ninjaratchet

    Ninjas small PD-Shop [Updated 16.3]

    Hey there, Ninjaratchet here to sell some stuff! I preferable accept PDs due to S-Rank Specials. Following are the lists of items I currently sell. Message me on Discord, in case you want to speed up the trading process!
  9. Avenger

    AVG PD-Shop

    Hi there fellows, Im selling some stuff that I dont need since I'm saving my pd´to improve my equips Special weps: Hunter: Durandal (1pd) Dragon Slayer (30%hit) (1pd) Bloody art (10%hit) (1pd) Diska of braveman ( 5%/5%/10%0%/0%) (1pd) Demolition comet (1pd) Musashi +25 (1pd) Yamato (1pd)...