1. Biscuit

    Hildetorr spawn

    Hello there, I've been hunting hildetorr for a long time now in OnePerson mode and Ultimate and i'm going to have some doubts about they are still in the game. Is the Hildetorr rate in OnePerson mode really high ? Is there a difference that make them impossible to see ? I'm wondering if my...
  2. Spuz

    Spuz Mods:

    Spuz Mods Rare Jingle SFX only !! Divine Punishment - Mini Orange Burst Divine Punishment & Dark Flow - Mini Orange Burst with Transparent Wave
  3. Abashiri

    Where do you get mag cells?

    Where do you get mag cells? By that I mean the items that evolve mags, not the mag feeding chart. I was only able to find a drop chart for only one of them on the PSOBB wiki. ...
  4. mrchips69

    Mr Chips Mag Cell Shop

    Mag Cell Item > Creates the following Mag Cell Of Mag 213 > ???? Heart Of Devil > Devils Wing > Devils Tail if used on Devils wing - 2PD Kit Of Hamburger > Hamburger - 2PD Panthers Spirit > Panthers Tail - 2PD Tablet > Gueng Si - 1PD or 300k Meseta Heart Of Morolian > Moro - 6PD Heart Of...
  5. majinToorah

    S> V801 (13 PD) (SOLD)

    Selling a V801, asking 13 PD's or something equal that would be good for a Hunter/HUmar
  6. A

    Event rare mob spawn

    hello everyone, I was just wondering if there would be a event with rare mobs spawning more frequently. Or any other thing of a nearing event that would make a psy wand easier to drop (I’m a returning player that really loves psy wand). Its really difficult for me to farm hahaha. And to cough...
  7. Lemoneal

    Shop of various things and lemonade

    Hi guys, this is my first shop and actually the first post that I'm making after all this time, well, I want to sell you some items that may or may not interest you but here I am anyway ________________________________________________________________________ You can contact me on this forum but...
  8. Lavsia

    Garage Sale

    Here’s what I’m getting rid of, if your interested feel free to claim whatever you want! Diska of Braveman [0/0/0/15/20] — 2 PD Custom Ray ver.00/Barrier ver.00 - 5 PD Justy-23ST [0/10/20/0/20] —1 PD Club of Laconium — 1 PD Mace of Adaman — 1 PD Silence Claw [0/0/0/15/0] — 2 PD Stag Cutlery...
  9. 99% of all rare drops in PSO

    99% of all rare drops in PSO

    It's funny because it's true!
  10. Ayria

    S> Full Sec ID badge collection.

    Here's your chance to own a piece of ephinea history, the perfect souvenir to remember the "summer of rage mild discontent" Struck from high quality 99.9% bullshitium, these badges represent the cumulative efforts of our brave heros during the bleak summer of mild discontent. Countless...
  11. -5% Red Sword

    -5% Red Sword

  12. Pso1448260509


  13. Pso1448260502


  14. Pso1448260432


  15. anime


    Prices are in Photon Drops Please haggle if you don't agree w/ my prices anime#5559 on discord if something is un-priced or you have questions Selling: HELL Scythe (HELL) - 80 WEEABOO KNUCKLE +250 - 15 Berserk Arms 60h Berserk & Charge Mechguns 60h Charge Gatling 55h Rambling May 0/0/30/0|25...