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Discussion in 'Seasons' started by Matt, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    Should be before May, I'm working on it now but I work full-time and obviously I don't wanna spend all my free time doing PSO-related things. It's slightly more work than just putting up a shop since files need to be edited for all the skin-related stuff (nothing will be replaced client-side, don't worry) and I want to make sure it won't all break.
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  2. Eistee

    Eistee Resident of Colony 9

    I'd be so up for a "Gamecube Season".
  3. Chronos Notashi

    Chronos Notashi Member

    United States
    Second this. I personally never played the Gamecube version (was a little too young for P2P MMOs when the GC version was in its prime, and I doubt I'll be able to find a used copy or use a GC emulator in the foreseeable future), and I'm kinda interested in seeing how a Season based on that era would work.

    GHOSTS The monkey is in the basketball!

    Fuck that. Do DC V2 mode. Make it Episode 1 only and quests you'd only see in DC V2 (minus TTF for solo people actually play something besides TTF). Don't swap the enemy stats to DV V2 or make the drop charts emulate V2 because those were stupid. Keep HUcaseal, RAmarl, and FOmar to see how they'd work with weapons you could only get from Episode 1.
  5. Please give "Destiny PSO" themed season. Combo unlocks, infinite mag feed, and poorly implemented widescreen.
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  6. CTB

    CTB JK hate paused, busy!

    Chicago, Illinois
    I don't think you can achieve a V2 feel without having many of the items outright blocked due to the stupid rates. Sacrificial specials would still be really anti-V2 because of the monster stats not being modified either. And then S-ranks don't have random specials...

    I really like the idea of a V2-esque season with V3 characters, but a lot of modifications would need to be done to capture how V2 is. Not a big fan of GC style season, because while it was certainly different during ST, it will more or less be the same as BB with everyone stepping up. Just won't have silly EP4 gear and superior water/telepipe gramfix.
  7. Yuffie

    Yuffie Member

    i just hope that the next season is going to motivate players helping others get their achievements after their done with their own. I havent tried to get 600 points on my 2nd and 3rd char just because i would struggle to find players i can actually achieve them with. Season was still more positive then negative for me. So yeah, i would suggest achievement points for helping other players
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  8. dataDyne

    dataDyne Your life, our hands

    Maybe certain achievements can only be unlocked when the game recognizes a different guild card present? Or perhaps completing a specific quest(s) (in Ult to discourage people from creating alts and playing Normal difficulty) but you only get achievement points based on how many different Guildcards you completed it with in a tiered system similar to HBR.

    i.e. Each time you complete Lost HEAT SWORD with 3 different people you will earn 2+ points
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  9. Yuffie

    Yuffie Member

    Can we have a update about the seasons shop plz? The thread with this topic has been closed (of course before the shop is being accessable....) and we got no updates since Matt's post from 8. May:-( could buy that sjs if I could access my season's reward but there's a "little" problem : me and the other season playersare already waiting for 40 days now and still don't have any promise when the shop is going to be online ? Plz it's about time :/
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  10. Chronos Notashi

    Chronos Notashi Member

    United States
    Well, wait no longer. The shop is now up! Time to spend our points!
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  11. Yuffie

    Yuffie Member

    i already did, very happy about and already looking forward the next season~
  12. conenubi701

    conenubi701 קרטל אל

    Holy Ray - Yasminkov 3000R for next season, I need my fancy HUmar points.
  13. gizonde

    gizonde Member

    i'd like to inquire about an approximate date for the next season? i'd like to join in on the fun. sad i missed out ;(
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  14. variant

    variant Member

    Bump for hope.
  15. Dab

    Dab Casual Elitist

    Well, if it's any indication, we're still waiting on the weapon skins to get fixed. DF ugly.
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  16. FIghter

    FIghter Member

    Why are some people so controlling? Let people play how they want to play.
  17. Shichimiya

    Shichimiya Member

    I mean if you really want it to feel authentic DC V2 mode then you might as well make it so you drop your weapon and meseta when you die :eek:
  18. Darth Butt

    Darth Butt Member

    First off, gonna say that I stumbled on this server a few weeks into the first season, and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Total nostalgia overload. I came back this week because I figured a new one would be starting soon enough.

    I have read through the thread, and I'll add a few cents of my own to what has been said already.


    3 months may have been a bit long, but 4 weeks is nuts. I may be a turbonerd, but i recognize that many people don't have the luxury of being able to play or not play for hours on end. Anything less than 8 weeks is unfair to anyone with one or more jobs and added responsibilities of family and community.


    The people who have suggested that some form of grind (whether its MA4, TTF or something else) is inescapable are correct. So the issue is what is the best way to incentivize and structure the unavoidable min/max grinding that will occur. I have no immediate answer, but simply erasing more and more quests will just make the grind more limited and slower, not eliminate the grind itself.

    I also greatly respect the fact that this server is a hobby and a labor of love, not a paid job. At the end of the day, last season was fine, and if the admins don't have the time or energy to dream up and implement some new system, next season will still be awesome af.


    The achievement system was great. Not everyone should be able to get every achievement, though I do agree that a good chucnk should be achievable around 150ish, because most people are not gonna make that final push past 180. However, keeping the homerun achievements for the people who really love to grind shouldnt be seen as reducing the gameplay of the people who will never have the time and/or dedication to get there.


    Eliminating trading sounds cancerous. I think there are better ways to counter any perceived 'gear inflation' without gutting a core gameplay element.
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  19. FriendPie

    FriendPie Member

    Any discussion of seasons coming back? I think they're a great idea and the previous one was a lot of fun for the little bit that I played. It was a lot easier for newbies to play and meet other members of the community since we're all starting together with nothing.
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