PSO Seabed map for TF2


I've been away from Ephinea for quite a while because I've been busy with real life stuff but I've also been working on several projects for the Phantasy Star 30th anniversary.

I just finished and released the first of these projects. A Team Fortress 2 map of the Seabed area from PSO.

You can download the map by subscribing to the Steam Workshop page:

I should point out that TF2 supports VR headsets, so this is a way to experience a small slice of PSO in VR (without dealing with an emulator). Keep an eye out for the PS 1-4 references too. :)
I've never played TF2 but looking at the video, I'm definitely impressed! Good job!
Seabed was definitely the map to be choosing for a shooter, the coolest one in PSO by a long-shot with the most interesting rooms.
Wow this is really cool
Wow,that it's really nice!
Anyone who loves PSO and TF2 would probably love playing on your map :D
This server hosts it. The map can only be switched if enough people vote for it, but if you join at a late hour when no one's on, you can easily get the map to switch to it. Use the !rtv command and look for it in the "For Fun" menu. It's called "trade_pso_seabed_v2"