1. antirrhinum

    No. 100 error, character deletion... probably DEP

    hello! i'm using windows 10 and am having a recurring sever error and character deletion, with a steady internet connection. i have windows defender entirely disabled even in group policy, and have no other antivirus software. i first checked the DEP settings and added exceptions, did not work...
  2. h u n e y w a v e

    h u n e y w a v e

  3. 5GUY

    Cartoonify Yourself!

    (THIS IS FREE) Post a picture of your character or a picture of yourself IRL AND I'LL DO A QUICK CARACTURE OF IT Just let me know if you've got a certain pose that you want!
  4. 75 Hit HS

    75 Hit HS

  5. 75 Hit Heaven Striker dropped

    75 Hit Heaven Striker dropped

  6. 2020 Summer Hit HS hunt halfway

    2020 Summer Hit HS hunt halfway

  7. Pso132434838986080828


    HS 20hit
  8. D

    Phantasy Star Metal

    Hello friends, I made a video for a medley of my favorite PSO themes (featuring ephinea!!) that I put out awhile back. I've never posted on forum before so I'm not sure if this is the right place to share but hey, I tried :P I credited my fellow players in the video, but if anyone knows their...
  9. PSO


  10. Phantasy Star Online (PSO) Symbol [AKA: Algol Mark]

    Phantasy Star Online (PSO) Symbol [AKA: Algol Mark]

    Main Symbol for Phantasy Star Online
  11. FOmarl meme

    FOmarl meme

    "Why no one pick me? :("
  12. Coren v101

    Coren v101

  13. My Work Is Done

    My Work Is Done

  14. You Do Not Belong Here

    You Do Not Belong Here

  15. meepmeep189

    PSO Videos From Before Server Shutdowns

    Hey Guys, I know there's probably a lot of people on these forums who've seen a few of these videos here and there, but they're scattered all over the place and hard to locate. To that end, I've compiled a playlist of all the recordings of PSO people have taken while the original servers were...
  16. themedisin

    Full Server Error - After a month

    Server is Full by themedisin posted May 31, 2019 at 12:44 AM I have been playing this game for the last month, and past the initial set up, have had no problems. I played today, and not two hours after my last log in, as I attempted to log in again, I continue to get this 'server is full'...
  17. Server is Full

    Server is Full

    I have been playing about a month, and have not had this problem. I played today, and not two hours later, I cannot get in.
  18. Loudest Sounds Meme

    Loudest Sounds Meme

    Give me more mem
  19. FeelsRappyMan


    Stolen from NDW
  20. D

    Thank you

    Hopefully this isn't against the rules. I just wanted to say thank you to Sodaboy and the rest of the staff for the hard work and keeping PSO alive. Honestly my experiences on Ephinea have been better than my nostalgia. Though I do sorely miss the GC (original?) intro. The community here is...