1. Esther

    6 New Quests: The Penumbral Surge

    Hello, Everyone! Welcome to The Penumbral Surge! This six piece quest series is my second contribution to Ephinea. This series is designed to be cousins to the Phantasmal World series where players rip through maps until the end where many monsters rise to produce a closing...
  2. honeydrew

    Ledge Dropping in Seabed (Multilevel room)

    from Johnsen (Bagarozy), bless his optimal heart: more for HUcaseal: Class/Attack Matchups for Seabed Ledge Drop by Silent_John -- Notes: faster animations = better chance of ledge dropping. this means it's ideal to use hard or special attacks...
  3. Theanine

    PSO Seabed map for TF2

    I've been away from Ephinea for quite a while because I've been busy with real life stuff but I've also been working on several projects for the Phantasy Star 30th anniversary. I just finished and released the first of these projects. A Team Fortress 2 map of the Seabed area from PSO. You can...