from Johnsen (Bagarozy), bless his optimal heart:

more for HUcaseal:

Male Katana 2nd, 3rd
Male Claw 2nd
Male Saber 3rd
Male Sword 3rd
Female (non-HUcaseal) Fist 2nd
Female Rod 3rd
Female Twin Sword 1st
Female Sword 1st
HUcaseal Fist 3rd
HUcaseal Double Saber 1st
HUcaseal Katana 1st
HUcaseal Dagger 3rd
HUcaseal/RAmarl Claw 2nd
FOmar Wand 2nd
FOmarl Katana 1st

Class/Attack Matchups for Seabed Ledge Drop by Silent_John



  • faster animations = better chance of ledge dropping. this means it's ideal to use hard or special attacks over normal ones, and a heavenly/battle or v101. note that most of these are still possible with slower speeds (male claw 2nd), and some are not possible at slower speeds. regardless, faster = better
  • better angle = better chance of ledge dropping
  • this can also be done by getting damaged at a very good angle to the wall
  • easiest way to test or practice this is the quest Episode 2 > Shops > To The Deepest Blue -MA4B Venue-; the player will spawn in the multilevel room without any enemies

this only works in this one room in seabed, because of the room having a very thin wall that allows a player to 'push' through it with some wonky collision.

if anyone knows any ledge drop techniques not listed here, please post or pm me so i can update it thanks

ps: credit+ to Silent_John for probably 80% of the info here, he basically pioneered ledge dropping and knows pretty much everything there is to know about PSO. he's also a god
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Was playing 2c4 the other day and was doing a squid drop:
but I got knocked down from an unusual spot, on the side, while collecting the box for the shield. This left me down below here somewhere instead of at the front:

This was intriguing so I took to SB and noticed that you can drop at the side there as well as the usual spot; here:
Usual Spot-

Also Dropable Spot-

While testing this out and trying to get the right spot I also noticed you are able to drop anywhere between those 2 spots, however, it is a little more difficult. I was testing with a Male Katana as it is an easy choice for testing to drop with. What I noticed was that on the spots above I could NH to drop with ease over and over, but anywhere between needed that extra push from a 3rd combo attack, the full NHH. This was still however consistent as long as I did the extra H. Other classes/weapons & combos may find this area more difficult.

I also then noticed this:

This is the whole area which is dropable and the 2 spots where it's easiest to drop are the edge of that block.

Thought I would share.
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