1. Theanine

    Space Pioneer - a VR/3D-stereoscopic PSO machinima

    Hello! :) I just recently published a 3D-stereoscopic PSO machinima, set in Pioneer 2 (Episode I). It's meant to be watched with a VR headset. A cheap mobile one will work. Technically, a 3D TV should also work (I just have none to test on). I recorded it all using EP1&2 for GameCube...
  2. Theanine

    PSO Seabed map for TF2

    I've been away from Ephinea for quite a while because I've been busy with real life stuff but I've also been working on several projects for the Phantasy Star 30th anniversary. I just finished and released the first of these projects. A Team Fortress 2 map of the Seabed area from PSO. You can...

    GRIf, a PSO fanartist forgotten to time

    So I was browsing the internets and searching for RAcaseal art. PSO2 pretty much floods the search results, so it makes searching for PSO1 stuff difficult. Fortunately, I found this RAcaseal background that I had never seen before. Not on PSO-World, not on Deviantart, not in any of the official...
  4. My Neighbor TorrTorro

    My Neighbor TorrTorro

    Torr-Torr-o, Torr-Torrrrr-o... Torr-Torr-o, Torr-Torrrrr-o...