hey yall. i thought of a couple things that i know really good ways to hunt and couldnt really find them anywhere so i wanted to organize them here. stuff that you probably wont find elsewhere like NDW's Monster Finding Guide bless his optimal heart.

i will also be editing this regularly whenever i think of something new or w.e and i am hoping for it to be a widely useful resource someday. enjoy


Viridia VH TTF - break the 4 boxes past the first door, kill the dragon then break his two groups of 4 weapon boxes.
Time per run (cycle to cycle): 3m30s
Difficulty: 2/5

Seize Launcher
(yes just a regular seize launcher) is an item required to trade in Claire's Deal for PB/Increase, a decent alternative unit for any open slots. as of 15 August 2018, these go for about 4pds each, but they have gone as high as 11 in auctions before.

each of these 12 boxes is guaranteed to have a weapon. Viridia has the greatest likelihood of finding Shot weapons; Seize is the only tier of paralyze special available in VH forest; and Launcher is the only tier shot available in VH forest.
this is a great run for players that aren't ready for Ultimate mode yet as its hella easy.

bonus: break the dragon's tool boxes as well, these often drop materials/grinders and have a greatly increased chance to drop PDs as opposed to regular boxes.

11% of weapons will be Launcher
28?% of weapons will be untekked
9.09?% of untekked weapons will have Seize
chance of box having Seize Launcher =
runs on average to find a Seize Launcher =
hourly profit from Seize Launchers =


to be continued
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