40h yamigarasu

  1. richdavis

    Add Mats to map

    Mats are definitely more than worth to pick up, but after a big extermination room it's annoying to sift through all the green boxes to pick up a couple power mats. So annoying that sometimes I just don't feel like it and skip them. Also, this is anecdotal but I had a run yesterday where a Luck...
  2. honeydrew

    Analytical Special Success Calculator by Honeydrew [WIP]

    helo i made dis too this calculator is used to determine pretty much any single likelihood of proccing any given special attack from any given character onto any given enemy. you have probably seen this calculator somewhere. this calculator can only determine per-attack accuracy, whereas my...
  3. honeydrew

    BPD Revised

    my proposition: remove the collectibles that only have collectible value from BPD. users want BPD's extense of accessibility for useful items, and collectors want exclusivity of useless totally cool collectibles. this will not hinder accessibility of useful weapons (sange&yasha, orotiagito) to...
  4. honeydrew

    Honeydrew's Where to find [obscure item name here]

    hey yall. i thought of a couple things that i know really good ways to hunt and couldnt really find them anywhere so i wanted to organize them here. stuff that you probably wont find elsewhere like NDW's Monster Finding Guide bless his optimal heart. i will also be editing this regularly...