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  1. U

    MPX's Remnants of the Armory

    First time making this. Accepting Meseta and PDs (400,000:1) If you're interested in any of the items listed, Message me on here or DM on Discord: Ult_MPX#7835 * = Light Relief is one of four items used in Claire's Deal to receive Angel Ring. Weapons: Red Sword [Seize][20/0/20/0|0] = 1PD...
  2. U

    Hello. I'm here with a PSA

    This was during Random Attack Xrd REV 1 a couple days ago. An enemy was killed out of bounds and a red item spawned there. No way to get it. Not mad. Not a bug. Not blaming anyone. Just posting this as a heads-up. Make sure all enemies spawn properly in the area. Get your drops, Hunters. Thank you.
  3. honeydrew

    Honeydrew's Where to find [obscure item name here]

    hey yall. i thought of a couple things that i know really good ways to hunt and couldnt really find them anywhere so i wanted to organize them here. stuff that you probably wont find elsewhere like NDW's Monster Finding Guide bless his optimal heart. i will also be editing this regularly...