1. Biscuit

    Hildetorr spawn

    Hello there, I've been hunting hildetorr for a long time now in OnePerson mode and Ultimate and i'm going to have some doubts about they are still in the game. Is the Hildetorr rate in OnePerson mode really high ? Is there a difference that make them impossible to see ? I'm wondering if my...
  2. Wilhuf

    Hunt Optimizer

    I've made a tool that calculates the optimal combination of quests for hunting a list of items you want. (click "Hunt Optimizer" at the top) See the help text for more information. Please let me know if you have any problems or feature requests! Explanation Note that the...
  3. honeydrew

    Honeydrew's Where to find [obscure item name here]

    hey yall. i thought of a couple things that i know really good ways to hunt and couldnt really find them anywhere so i wanted to organize them here. stuff that you probably wont find elsewhere like NDW's Monster Finding Guide bless his optimal heart. i will also be editing this regularly...
  4. Spuz

    5-2: The Holiday/Love Rappy Hunt.

    Please note that there have been new quests added since this guide was made which may be better to hunt rappies within, please check out the Wiki to see what is best for you! ----------- Now if you want to do this hunt: You are required to have 5-1 completed on the difficulty you are playing...
  5. ElPeloRojo

    New Compared to Most

    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd put up a little about me since I do like to join people and vice versa. Normally, I'll/I've be playing on my RAmarl character named Sheily. I've been playing for a while just to see how things are on the server and see what the community is like. I'm glad I found...