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Discussion in 'General' started by Wilhuf, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Wilhuf

    Wilhuf Overanalyzer

    I've made a tool that calculates the optimal combination of quests for hunting a list of items you want. (click "Hunt Optimizer" at the top)

    See the help text for more information. Please let me know if you have any problems or feature requests!


    Note that the data in the "Optimization Result" table are expected values. When it says you need to do TTF for 62.1 hours for a red ring, this is the average time it would take you per ring if you hunted like 10,000 of them. Use it as a guide on what to do, not an exact planning tool.

    The accuracy of the optimizer depends on the accuracy of the quest timings. At the moment they are all set to 30 minutes except for government quests and quests with over 400 enemies, which are set to 45 minutes. You can overwrite the defaults, make sure the timings are correct for you personally.

    But I'd like to have good defaults, so I was hoping you guys would want to post what you think good defaults are. That way most people won't have to tweak the optimizer much.

    Thanks for taking a look and I hope this helps you in some way!


    Let's say I want an Anti Android Rifle, a Panzer Faust and an Electro Frame. I could figure out how what the best method per item is and I'd get results like this:


    On average it would take 23.6 hours to get those items. What if I we input them all at once?


    Now I get a slightly different list of methods and it only takes 14.9 hours on average! It's also obvious now that the ideal section IDs for me are purplenum, redria and viridia. It also looks like a good idea to start with either MAE:VR or MAE:Spaceship, because they're the best for Anti Andriod Rifle and Electro Frame respectively and they also give a good chance for Panzer Faust.

    See the post below for a screenshot of my own hunts as another example.

    Feature Requests

    Depending on how many people bug me about this, they might eventually be added.
    • Partial quest run-throughs (because doing the entire quest isn't always the most efficient thing to do)
    • Best hunts per section ID (what can my ID find easier than all the other IDs?)
    • Top 3 methods per item (if I just want 1 item, what options do I have?)
    Known Issues

    Things that will probably get fixed at some point.
    • Mothmanths spawned by mothverts are not taken into account (should it?)
    • Splitting slimes is not yet taken into account
    • Boxes are not taken yet into account
    • Missing quests
      • Maximum Attack 4th Stage -1R-
      • Maximum Attack 4th Stage -2R-
      • Maximum Attack 4th Stage -4R-
      • Knight of Coral
      • Knight of Coral Advent
      • CAL's Clock Challenge
    MIT licensed code available on github:
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  2. Wilhuf

    Wilhuf Overanalyzer

    Some changes:
    • Fixed a bug that caused barbarous wolves, pouilly slimes, sinow golds and yowies to be miscounted
    • Methods can now be sorted by any column (so you can see which one contains the most of a specific enemy for example)
    And I want to point out that this optimizer is especially useful if you're hunting many items:

  3. Ryan

    Ryan Casual GM Staff Member

    Guildcard 2:
  4. Wil

    Wil HUmar Scum

    Anything the community can do to help with the missing quests?

    This is incredible.

    Also would there be a way for you to just type in your section ID and display your ID's optimal hunts?
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  5. Wilhuf

    Wilhuf Overanalyzer

    The MA4R quests reuse MA4A, MA4B and MA4C, so I can fix that myself if necessary. For knight of Coral and CCC, you could manually count the enemies. Although it would be much easier if someone could simply give me the quest files...

    This seems to be a completely different thing than what this optimizer is supposed to do. The entire idea is that the optimizer figures out what you do (including switching to the right section IDs).

    Now, I could always make another tool that does what you want if I have the time and feel like doing it. :p But I'm not sure what you mean exactly, could you give an example of how this tool would work?
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  6. Wil

    Wil HUmar Scum

    You're right, now that I think about it, with the way your tool works what I suggested is impossible. My bad lol.

    Message me on discord the next time you're in game. I like to reward players who invest time into tools like this as well as skinning/modding/addons and whatnot with a few photon drops. :)
  7. anime

    anime Bonsai Trees Staff Member

    Guildcard 2:
    This owns so hard
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  8. Cosmic

    Cosmic If you squint really hard i look cool

    Very nice! Is there a way to peak at optimal hunts per id or is items the only approach?
  9. Rune

    Rune Member

    Nice. Swimming in a money vault of photon drops grows closer all the minute
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  10. Wilhuf

    Wilhuf Overanalyzer

    I think you're asking the same thing as Wil. But I don't fully understand what either of you mean. Can you give an example of what you mean?
  11. CastorofTroy

    CastorofTroy Member

    Midwest USA
    The way I understand it is: “I’m Skyly, what hunts do I have specifically (because I’m Skyly) that are better than other ID’s?”
  12. thegmk

    thegmk Thegmk#5690 (Discord)

    This is incredible! Thanks so much.
  13. Wilhuf

    Wilhuf Overanalyzer

    Ok, now I understand. That's something entirely different though, but maybe someday I'll build it (or someone else decides to contribute it, it's all open source after all). It would be nice to have a very clear overview of what certain section IDs are good for.

    Also, thanks everyone for the praise. And Wil, thanks for wanting to give me something for my work, but that won't be necessary.
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  14. Wilhuf

    Wilhuf Overanalyzer

    Added an example to the OP to explain more clearly what the optimizer does.
  15. ChicoSuave

    ChicoSuave Member

    Does this read from the entire drop table with an algorithm or do you have the most efficient drop for each item in a database and pull it from that? Perhaps there's a way to meet in the middle with a checkbox to show less efficient hunts below the main results for each selected item? Sort of an alternative or plan b list if you don't have a certain ID or just particularly dislike a quest.
  16. Wilhuf

    Wilhuf Overanalyzer

    It uses linear programming to find the optimal results. So it doesn't find a result per item, it looks at all the items together. So two items might have an ideal method, but you want both of them a third method might be better.

    If you don't know anything about linear programming, a good way to get a decent intuition is by searching for the "LP diet problem". LP could also be used to automatically calculate mag feeding plans, it's really useful.
  17. ChicoSuave

    ChicoSuave Member

    Ah ok, that makes sense why it would be an entirely different project then.

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