1. U

    MPX's Remnants Revamped!!!

    Message me on here or DM on Discord: Ult_MPX#7835 Will accept Photon Crystals 1:1, as well as any Event items (Eggs, Anniv. Badges, Cookies, etc.) at the most current exchange rate. Store is refreshed after every sale. New items are added every week. Need Meseta? Let me know. 500k for 1PD. -...
  2. Firkraag

    S> 55-60H Scavenger weapons

    V101, 30 pd V502, 30 pd V101+V502, 55 pd Diska [Charge] [0/0/0/0|60] 30 pd Raygun [Demon's] [0/0/0/0|60] 20 pd Vulcan [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|55] 15 pd Raygun [Hell] [0/0/0/0|55] 7 pd Raygun [Charge] [0/0/0/0|55] 7 pd
  3. C


    Hello fellow hunters, time has become too rare. To prevent the following items from rotting in a dead accounts bank, i am putting them up for sale. Excalibur [0/0/0/100|55] --- 5555 PD Heaven Striker [0/0/100/100|55] --- 4444 PD Hell Raygun [0/25/0/0|95] --- 2555 PD Dark Flow [100/100/0/0|85]...
  4. EvilUpholsterer

    S> Items, Mats etc

    Selling the following, all for negotiable prices: - Rambling May (30/15/0/0) 200k Meseta - Rambling May (0/0/15/15) 100k Meseta - Rika's Claw (0'd) 1 PD - Heavenly/Power 1 PD - Power Material (x16) - Mind Material (x17) - HP Material (x18) - Luck Material (x3) Pow, Mind and HP Mats are...
  5. Wilhuf

    Hunt Optimizer

    I've made a tool that calculates the optimal combination of quests for hunting a list of items you want. (click "Hunt Optimizer" at the top) See the help text for more information. Please let me know if you have any problems or feature requests! Explanation Note that the...
  6. choogiesaur

    ✨choogiesaur's trade list ✨

    UPDATED! hey guys :) here's some stuff I scrounged up in my first week on Ephinea. make me an offer. I'd take badges, too.
  7. Firkraag

    Shared team bank

    I think it would be useful, if possible, to have a space for items that may be accessed by other members of your team. If I ask for an item by a team mate I would first have to wait for them to finish whatever quest they are doing, then we both leave game and make a new room to make the...
  8. Spuz

    Spuz's Junk: [CLOSED CURRENTLY]

    Last update - 04/01/2024 - 最終更新日 ------------------------------------------- Shops: Classic | Normal | Instants | B> Thread | T> Thread | ES Market -------------------------------- BOGOF DEAL All 1 PD (or less) items, Buy One Get One Free. This DOES NOT include Addslots...
  9. Aubreey

    Super Mini little Shop! (Updates)

    Hi, :D I have some things for sale, (list is still updating) Im only excepting PDs and everything without a price is negotiable. If you're interested please get a hold of me on discord, I respond fast. abi #3623 Weapons: Kaladbolg Flowen's Sword *1PD Last Survivor Cross Scar Custom Ray...
  10. Spuz

    Spuz's Stash: CLOSED

    Last big update: 14/08/2018 50% SALE on ALL purchases. Until further notice. *This does not include Sranks, Unsealing, Scape Dolls, Addslots, Meseta, Eggs. Cookies, Badges or Materials. DISCLAIMER: This is a hardcore thread in a hardcore section. Not The Regular Game mode...
  11. NDW

    Mini Map Items & Monster HP Bar

    It would be nice if Ephinea was able to add these two features that Ultima currently has. Mini Map Items: Monster HP Bar:
  12. LexPlay

    General Armor better than Chu Chu Fever? oO

    Hey @all, just bought the 50 bronze badge item "Chu Chu Fever" wich is an 101 LvL Item. Eqiuped it and saw that the 54 LvL Armor "General Armor" is way better than the "rare" Chu Chu Fever. I mean i have to be on LvL 101 to even eqiup it and it´s way to weak imo :( I know that other Armors...
  13. Ai

    LF>listed items

    Hi. A few items i'm looking for: (updated 8.3.2017) Spread Needle - 2 PD+ God or Heavenly/Power Heavenly/HP Frozen Shooter L. Mantle or decent slotted armor Chainsawd Zanba Hunter Mag ----------------------------------- I have: 6 PDs 1.4 Million Meseta 20 Power Mats 5 HP Mats if you're...
  14. M

    Which items from blue/orange boxes are worth something?

    Can we come up with a list of items from blue/orange boxes (weapons, armor, shields, units) which I should not sell in the shop, because they might be worth something for trading? I'm thinking of the barriers needed for combinations with Amplifiers (to create Merges), weapons that are used even...
  15. Spuz

    Spuz's Unsealing & Custom Sranks. (CLOSED)

    CURRENTLY CLOSED (Unless paying in NM pds) DISCLAIMER: This is a hardcore thread in a hardcore section. Not The Regular Game mode. ------------------------------------------------------- General Notes: Unsealing services can have discounts discussed if multiple items and/or some kills already...