5-2: The Holiday/Love Rappy Hunt.

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    Guildcard 2:
    Please note that there has been new quests added since this guide was made which may be better to hunt rappies within, please check out the Monster Finding Guide to see what is best for you!

    Now if you want to do this hunt:

    You are required to have 5-1 completed on the difficulty you are playing your hunt on. And these quests are available via elly within the lab (gov quests)

    As far as I am aware this is the best chance to find rappies within temple when considering time and amount. Its a quick few rooms with few spawns and has 12 rappies in total. I have a map I just quickly made with a path in which you can follow.

    Note: you can do ''free-run'' before quests few rooms for some rappies also.


    The info from the picture is as follows:

    Black Circle:
    2 Rappies. First spawn.
    2: 2 + 3 Rappies. First + Last spawn.
    3: 2 Rappies. Only spawn.
    4: 3 rappies @ bridge. First spawn.

    Orange Box:
    1: 2 button door, requires 1 person.
    2: Switch to unlock door towards bridge.

    You can continue this quest and finish / find more rappies however you wont find many more and especially not in a short grouped period of time. When killing the 3 at the bridge I would /lobby or pipe to shop and leave game and then repeat.

    There are other options and info on holiday rappies, please check out this guide made by @emoticon for any info (Towards the bottom of her guide is rappy hunting for other options):


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    Guildcard 2:
    Lost Shock Gungnir is good too! It has a lot throughout the quest, although, like you said, I don't think it has as many in such a short time frame. More of a casual hunt iirc
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    Sick guide.

    Here is a video of Firkraag and I doing a run (mostly Firkraag). A couple optimizations are possible such as avoiding the Mothmants in the last room and positioning myself to avoid the Megid from the time I died, but it's 12 rappies in 6 or so minutes.

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