gov quests

  1. S

    Not Receiving Quest Reward for Government quest 1-3: Subterranean Den

    On my hunter, I completed the Government quest 1-3: Subterranean Den on Hard and I was unable to receive the award from Irene. She told me "here is your reward", then a blank text box showed up and when I went to go look in my inventory nothing was there. I was supposed to receive the weapon...
  2. Asmod3hus

    Warp Bug

    Hello everyone, I don't know if this thread has already been posted, I didn't find anything on the forum. We started playing yesterday with my friend, I created a party so He could join me and we started the 1st Govt quest : 1-1 Planet Ragol. The intro of the quest works fine but when we take...
  3. Spuz

    5-2: The Holiday/Love Rappy Hunt.

    Please note that there have been new quests added since this guide was made which may be better to hunt rappies within, please check out the Wiki to see what is best for you! ----------- Now if you want to do this hunt: You are required to have 5-1 completed on the difficulty you are playing...