Banner for hitting level 200 and year # for DB's/Flowen's/Agito in Drop Table


lmao gae bolg
After @Ade hit 200 (again, grats lol) I started thinking. Why don't we have banners for hitting level 200? It's a special occasion that only happens once per character, and doesn't happen often, so it would be cool if it had its own banner.

My second suggestion is adding the year beside the names of DB's Sword, Flowen's Sword and Agito in the drop table on the main Ephinea site. I know I'm not the only one who would appreciate not having to check PSO-World to confirm which one is which. On top of that it would future-proof it a little bit in case the drop tables change and PSO-World's information doesn't match up with Ephinea's.


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Modest proposal? You mean a proposal that will clearly shake up PSO as we know it and turn the slope into a CLIFF?


I think level 200 banner is a good idea actually, will have to query.
For the second suggestion, the reason they're named like that is because of the game's internals just referring to each weapon as "Flowen's Sword", "DB's Saber", etc.

Chances are it could be changed but would have to see, although I do agree with the proposal.


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i mean we have a banner for somebody dying at level 21 so no reason to not have a banner for somebody hitting level 200

Man, now I kinda wanna,
>hit 200
>die 200
Banners in less than a minute or something.