1. Rhobehr

    Quests - Solo "Seek My Master"

    I did not have the quest listed while solo. I'm pretty sure it has to be unlocked, but does anyone know a listing of what quests in what order to at least unlock "Seek My Master"? I am trying to unlock my Agito 1975 to the Real Deal. Thanks

    Banner for hitting level 200 and year # for DB's/Flowen's/Agito in Drop Table

    After @Ade hit 200 (again, grats lol) I started thinking. Why don't we have banners for hitting level 200? It's a special occasion that only happens once per character, and doesn't happen often, so it would be cool if it had its own banner. My second suggestion is adding the year beside the...
  3. T

    Trade List

    Have: Weapons (best offer) Handgun: Milla (0/0/0/40|10) Guilty Light (0/0/10/5) Red Scorpio (0/0/0/5) Samba Maracas (0/0/0/0) Lollipop (0/0/0/0|39) Agito 2001 (0/5/0/0) Mats (5 for 1 PD) Evade Mat x 10 HP Mat x 4 Def Mat x 5 Parts (best offer) Hildebear Head x 1 Booma Arm x 1 Gobooma Arm x...