1. A

    What S-rank is a good option?

    Hello beautiful people of ephinea, I've been holding on to my pd's for a while to save up for a P-wand. While saving up I decided it's better to use the pd's to get a S-rank that will make finding drops get easier. I love to use FO's and my Hunewearl. Rangers.... well I like RAmarl but they're...
  2. Aemse

    increase length of party names?

    Have all these cool party name ideas, only to be cut short at the party creation menu (u.u) was wondering if there was a way to add extra characters to the maximum length, or if it was "hard-coded" into the game.
  3. rich

    Add Mats to map

    Mats are definitely more than worth to pick up, but after a big extermination room it's annoying to sift through all the green boxes to pick up a couple power mats. So annoying that sometimes I just don't feel like it and skip them. Also, this is anecdotal but I had a run yesterday where a Luck...
  4. Aubright

    Optional Ability to Disable Leveling Up

    So I was leveling a fresh new character and I remembered how Kingdom Hearts had that EXP Zero skill that disabled leveling up. Then I thought, "What if you could do a level 1 challenge in this game too?" So now here I am. The idea is that if you start a brand new character you can use a command...
  5. Spuz

    Random Song Button.

    Pretty much the title. (For lobby Music) People always spamming the same songs and not knowing what half the stuff sounds like or really cannot decide what to play. Plus all those unused songs might get a playthrough.

    Banner for hitting level 200 and year # for DB's/Flowen's/Agito in Drop Table

    After @Ade hit 200 (again, grats lol) I started thinking. Why don't we have banners for hitting level 200? It's a special occasion that only happens once per character, and doesn't happen often, so it would be cool if it had its own banner. My second suggestion is adding the year beside the...