What S-rank is a good option?


Hello beautiful people of ephinea,

I've been holding on to my pd's for a while to save up for a P-wand.
While saving up I decided it's better to use the pd's to get a S-rank that will make finding drops get easier.

I love to use FO's and my Hunewearl. Rangers.... well I like RAmarl but they're my least favorite class. I'm really a FO kind of guy (but am in love with my HUney!). I'm not a pro, but I do want to get some great gear!

I have been deciding between a S-rank Hell J-cutter and a S-rank Hell card. For demon's, I could always get a slicer of fanatic as a substitute before I can buy better weapons. I don't know if anything else would be a great option too/maybe anyone has a good suggestion and why?
(P. S. I dislike mechguns. I'd rather not use them even if they would be the most broken S-rank in the game because I really dislike the slowness of moving.)

You could also have in mind, why waste so many pd's I'd rather tell you to buy something else than a S-rank. If you had any idea's on this, it would be appreciated.
The best I have on my HUney is a Diska of Braveman with 35% hit and a thirteen as good combo.
The best I have for my forces is a magical piece, parasol, glide, summit moon, a V801, V501, guard wave, Tempest cloak, Gizonde merge, Red merge, resta merge and a three seals. I do use a mind mag and a max-character-kind-of-mag on most of them.

Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to your answers! :D.


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Hell Slicer or Jcutter for sure, AMAZING on all HU and FO. It's even decent on RA if you don't want to invest in a needle/shot


@AzurePhoenix I already knew the guide was there and it was helpfull, but I still couldnt pick hahaha. But I still wanna thank you for linking it. It's the idea that counts.

I want to thank you both for responding and the people in the discord, because I have decided :D it will be a S-rank hell Jcutter


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I'll add a piece here in case anyone else gets curious.

With the coming anniversary event Hell S-ranks (jcutter/needle/shot) are gonna be your best investment. It's gonna make the episode 2 quests go alot faster and smoother saving a ton of time. Well worth the PDs.


I got the hell J-cutter mate, I think I made the good deal! I don't have a v502 yet tho hahaha. just using my v501