1. EvilUpholsterer

    B> Intermediate HU Items

    B> - H/Power x2 - H/Battle - Smartlink - Daylight Scar (0'd) - Charge Vulcans 50h - Yunchang (0'd) - Flowen's Sword 3084 (15h+) - Min max HUnewearl mag - 50 Pow Mats Willing to pay 25 PDs for everything listed here, or will buy individually at a discussed price. Thank you for looking!
  2. Lepvelx


  3. brnnub

    Yunchang [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|15] (Closed @ 3PD)

    res: 3PD countdown: 48h resets: 24h Thank you
  4. brnnub

    A> Vjaya [Charge] [20/15/0/0|55] (Closed @ 210)

    Up for auction is this thicc boi down here: reserve: 125 PD countdown: 48H Resets: 24H Accepting: Photon Drops Photon Hoard Photon Sphere @ 98 Wants: v101 @ 25 v502 @ 25 Red Ring - Min Stat @ 50 PD Excalibur - 15H @ 30 PD ARREST Needle @ 40PD w/o special, 90PD w/ Arrest special
  5. A

    What S-rank is a good option?

    Hello beautiful people of ephinea, I've been holding on to my pd's for a while to save up for a P-wand. While saving up I decided it's better to use the pd's to get a S-rank that will make finding drops get easier. I love to use FO's and my Hunewearl. Rangers.... well I like RAmarl but they're...
  6. New GC character

    New GC character

    I restarted my GC adventures fresh with a copy of PAL GC recently, this is my first character. lvl 76 at the time of this posting, i want a bit more atp before going to ult, so i'm hanging out in vh ruins.