1. A

    What S-rank is a good option?

    Hello beautiful people of ephinea, I've been holding on to my pd's for a while to save up for a P-wand. While saving up I decided it's better to use the pd's to get a S-rank that will make finding drops get easier. I love to use FO's and my Hunewearl. Rangers.... well I like RAmarl but they're...
  2. Seority

    Sure this has been discussed before but...

    (Not trying to troll or upset anyone, generally concerned.) Why can't we donate? It's understandable that trading irl money for in-game items is bad (economy, fairness, etc) but is it terrible to donate for at least an exp boost of some kind? As someone who has more money than time, I can't...
  3. S

    Semi new, hello all.

    Hello everyone. I don't know much about PSO Episodes 1,2, or 4. I had Episode 3 on the gamecube as a child, but was never able to play it online, Looking forward to starting and seeing how the game is. btw is there a story mode in BB? I have heard mixed answers, so just thought i would ask...
  4. Manaphy

    I am not looking for a team yet, just want to ask

    Do you guys recommend I make a team or join a team when summer arrives? I wanna eventually get into team activities myself really.