Sure this has been discussed before but...


(Not trying to troll or upset anyone, generally concerned.)

Why can't we donate?

It's understandable that trading irl money for in-game items is bad (economy, fairness, etc) but is it terrible to donate for at least an exp boost of some kind?

As someone who has more money than time, I can't see the possibility of being able to play with my friends who have time to grind levels. Sorry to be picky, but I'm not 12 anymore and don't have hours upon hours to level up my character to max, (besides, I've done that already...) and would just like to the chance to catch up and enjoy PSO with them.
(It shouldn't be their responsibility to level me up or wait for me to do so.)

Again, I'm sure this has been talked about before, but the search engine came up dry for me. If you happen to know why this is, or maybe think this is possible, please let me know. Thank you for your time. :^)
I wouldn't exactly be opposed to the idea either, but it's because of fairness, I suppose...
Because servers (mostly Schtserv) in the past has already set a bad example on handling donations. AKA there was no backup servers and everyone had to start from scratch. Which is why most players nowadays do prefer the non-profit servers so that way everyone has a fair playing field. Even new Schtserv it-self went to that route as well.

Also depending from player to player, leveling shouldn't be that hard. I know waiting for the boost week, spamming quests, hunting for pds/pcs/mats, getting/trading level 200 mags plus charge vulcans etc, might not exciting but it's a lot better than overleveling.

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Donations aren't necessary for the upkeep of Ephinea.

While I know it's been normalized in modern gaming to be able to use real money for in-game perks/progression, we don't see it that way and think everyone should have to play normally to get what they want. Real money shouldn't give people an advantage in any way.

Luckily for you, PSO isn't the type of game that updates constantly in a way that you have to keep up with other players. There's a set end (level 200, specific gear that doesn't depreciate in usefulness, finishing off your materials and mag, goals that won't get replaced in other words), so you can always just play one hour a week and still reach the same finishing point as everyone else. There are plenty people who play maybe 5-10 hours a week who end up reaching Ultimate and beyond, just gotta be patient and enjoy the game as it is.
I just want to donate benefits or not because I feel weird that such a great service is completely are the servers paid for? I've always been curious :D
In regards to your time concern (which I totally get that as a career man myself), there's lots of great ways to blast yourself to Ultimate and get your bread-n-butter gear on the cheap without too much hassle. You can have someone carry you through Max Attack S and Force classes can put together their very basic necessities (ie. Glide Divine, Striker of Chao, mag, some units, most techniques, materials) on a cheap budget of 6-12 PDs. Hunters and Rangers have to work a little more for it but overall if you get some pointers on what your top priorities are (and are easy to find/buy), you can save tons of time and get yourself Ult-ready in no time.

If you're looking for those pointers, I or most of anyone on here can help you out!
Thank you for your honest replies everyone!

Nothing against playing with vanilla stats, but my spare time is very limited and spending every hour of it for weeks just to have the potential to play with others isn't worth it to me. As stated my friends are already well past me and have no intentions of leveling my characters up. By the time I can play with them, they will grow bored since they've already played, leveled and hunted what they want. (This has happened many times before...) Not that this game isn't fun, but I'd rather play with friends than by myself and occasional strangers.

@cameron- Yes, I agree that others servers deal with this issue better, however my friends don't play them, so they're just as useless.

@Metaldude "You can have someone carry you through..." Yes this is possible, however, I have nothing in-game to offer or pay for this service. I have plenty of IRL money, but I'm quite sure that's a no-no.

Thanks again all of you for letting me know. Suppose Ephinea just isn't for me.
While I won't deny your personal experience, I feel as though there are some misconceptions here. For a frame of reference, MAS spam can get you to Lv 80 in <10 hours (and I'm being supremely generous here; with EXP boost next week it'll be even less) and Lv 110+ in a little extra. A few 30-60 min sessions here and there across 1-2 weeks will get you there. To give the benefit of the doubt, you probably wouldn't be guaranteed to find groups for this but it's not entirely unreasonable to try and coordinate something.

Secondly, absolutely nobody should expect payment from fresh players. Some may even use the opportunity to unseal items with the high kill counts each run offers. Again, there's no guarantee that someone will just help on a whim but between here, discord, and lobby, the options are there.

I digress though. Honestly, it sounds like your friends should also be a tiny bit more willing to help lol. A good Force would catch you up in a day's time.
I take joy in the fact that Ephinea is majority a vanilla experience, being a GC player (and a bad one, newb with no understanding) even then I really enjoyed it but I only got to experience very little, having no online play, either. Even then I enjoyed it a lot, so I'm thankful this community exists.
By the time I can play with them, they will grow bored since they've already played, leveled and hunted what they want.
There's always something to do in PSO. Reaching LV200 and obtaining end-game gear is a long journey. Even longer if one is looking to get weapons with 100% Hit with certain desired Attributes.

I'm always around to help as much as I can offer to the best of my abilities.