1. H

    Leveling and You!

    Let's start this off to say this is mainly for new players, and some old. Leveling is subjective there is no right or wrong way. Being said only wrong way is you sitting in the lobby not doing anything, so stop being lazy! This is meant to give you an easier, and faster time for 1-80 Also yes...
  2. Dezor Inyan

    Dezo Dogg's Free Demon Hitman Service

    Greetings ¦3c I am offering my services to new players and low level alts as a "voluntary hired hitman",.. for assistance and "guided touring" through Ragol - casually OR in quests*! I do not charge you in any way, form or shape. My personal demand is fairly simple, easy to meet and consists...
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  4. Pso1


    lvled up some
  5. Pso1_


  6. W

    30lv HUcastal leveling

    Only dragons are hunting in ttf. How long do you have to repeat this? Is there no other hunting ground?
  7. Seority

    Sure this has been discussed before but...

    (Not trying to troll or upset anyone, generally concerned.) Why can't we donate? It's understandable that trading irl money for in-game items is bad (economy, fairness, etc) but is it terrible to donate for at least an exp boost of some kind? As someone who has more money than time, I can't...
  8. Harna

    A very quick 40-80 solo FO leveling method

    Hey guys, I recently tried this out on my FO and when the server was quiet this was a much better alternative to trying to get some TTFS going. As a lot of FOs are squishy trying to do stuff in VH solo at this level, I found this to be a much smoother XP method. The long of the short of it is...
  9. leveling in ttf.

    leveling in ttf.