photon drops

  1. Brvcx

    [Closed due to no bids]

    [Closed due to no bids]
  2. Itchitaka

    4 Parasitic Cell Type Ds or Photon Drops to Buy Them

    I just found a good Stink Frame and I'd like to try getting Lafuteria. I know you can buy the Cells from the PD shop in-game, but I just traded a fair number of PDs so I'm short. I can trade the following: Photon Crystal x13 Photon Drop x 11 Tablet Dragon Scale God/Battle Heavenly/Battle...
  3. Lepvelx

    B> Real Nei's Claw. I HAVE 150PDS FOR YOU!!!

    After a long time picking every item from the floor and selling everything i could, im finally on possession of 150 photon drops. If you have a Real Neis Claw please contact me on DM here, or private message on Discord LEPVID-19#4481
  4. brionac

    Normal Mode Offers

    This is a thread that will be updated as necessary to show what I like to buy and sell directly in normal mode. Please see my signature to click my first link to find me. To see my hardcore offers, click here. As I attempt to indicate in each line, the left side is what I offer, and the right...
  5. Lepvelx

    Selling some stuff

    -DBs saber x4 -Flowens sword x2 -Blade dance -Photon claw -Hildebear head x2 -Booma right arm x2 -Gigobooma right arm -Photom ticket -Event egg
  6. StarLord

    How did Photon Drops come to replace meseta as currency?

    Why are Photon Drops used in lieu of meseta for trade deals on Ephinea? Is it because meseta is so plentiful, and things rarely cost much meseta in the shops? Is this phenomenon specific to Ephinea, or did it happen on Sega servers as well? I never reached endgame on Gamecube (and Dreamcast was...
  7. Aubreey

    Super Mini little Shop! (Updates)

    Hi, :D I have some things for sale, (list is still updating) Im only excepting PDs and everything without a price is negotiable. If you're interested please get a hold of me on discord, I respond fast. abi #3623 Weapons: Kaladbolg Flowen's Sword *1PD Last Survivor Cross Scar Custom Ray...
  8. Spuz

    Gallons Shop Bugs.

    I came across 2 recently. 1.) Yesterday, when I went to access Paganini on Fodra with a PS only he would not let me enter. (Unless I had 1 PD also, but Lumires lets me enter with PS only) 2.) Today, when I went in with 20 pds (to finish the last 5% as I had 95 machine baranz) and the option...
  9. rich

    Richard's Tradelist

    HAVES King's Gladius 0/50/50/0/50 Charge Gungnir +1 0/15/0/0/40 Hell Laser 15/0/0/0/30 Charge Arms +1 0/0/15/0/45 Tyrell's Parasol 3pd Guren (0'd) 1 pd D-Part ver2.10 127/93 0s 1pd Black Hound Cuirass 302/-200 0s 1pd Star Cuirass 265/0 0s Black Odoshi Red Nimaidou 136/152 0s Gratia 130/200 3pd...
  10. tiffanychewsgum

    Fonewearl + PD's

    Hi!! I hope this is the right place to post this.. I'm still sorta new so I was wondering what each of these were worth for PD's: - Prophets of Motav - Psycho Wand - Mercurius Rod - Demonic Fork - Dark Bridge - Magical Piece - Summit Moon - Adepts - Heavenly/Mind :D:p
  11. Googley

    S> Lv. 100 Mags

    Mind Mags: Sato Blue M&Y/E/P 5/0/45/50 Lv.100|111%|58IQ 2xPD I can also finish these mags if needed Other items for payment Meseta: 350k:1PD | 999,999:3PD Power Mats: 5:1PD