Fonewearl + PD's

Hi!! I hope this is the right place to post this.. I'm still sorta new so I was wondering what each of these were worth for PD's:

- Prophets of Motav
- Psycho Wand
- Mercurius Rod
- Demonic Fork
- Dark Bridge
- Magical Piece
- Summit Moon
- Adepts
- Heavenly/Mind

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Price check thread probably belongs in the Trade forum. Here's what I know (some pricing are my own opinion, others I don't know too much about; take it with a grain of salt)
  • Prophets of Motav and Psycho Wand: very rare, you won't be able to purchase one without finding a seller. Likely to only find it in auctions. A while ago someone guesstimated PoM about 100 PD and PWand 300+ but that might be far off.
  • Mercurius Rod: most people just hunt for the parts; Glide is 1~4 PDs (depending on seller), Brave Hammer is 1 PD (easy hunt on Bluefull), Caduceus is 1~2 PDs, King's Striker is 1 PD (might come across one by just playing).
  • Demonic Fork: not sure price, haven't seen it being sold. You don't need this on a FOnewearl, who has innate piercing Megid.
  • Dark Bridge: the cost of a Parasitic Gene "Flow", unless someone happens to be selling.
  • Magical Piece: buy the Magic Rock "Heart Key" from Paganini for 50 PDs, unless someone happens to be selling.
  • Summit Moon: ~1 PDs since its component Magic Rock "Moola" is valued at 1 PD.
  • Adepts: a Limiter was auctioned for 25 PDs earlier, plus the unsealing cost (about 10 PDs). Its price is probably not stable at the moment.
  • Heavenly/Mind: About 5 PDs.
I'll remind again that I can't assert the prices are all accurate, you should look for more opinions before making a decision.


Those prices are about right, maybe POM about 150 depending on the buyer. Pwand is verrrrrrrry hard to price right now. Not only is it very hard to find, but no one will be selling because those who wanted them are the ones that have one. However, the value of the PD here is higher so 300 is already pretty high.

As far as demonic fork. If someone wanted it to actually sell I'd say 5 pds is fair.