1. 310 HP FOney on 2c4

    310 HP FOney on 2c4

    i survived Divine Punishment even
  2. RoySilverblade

    Strengthening Fonewearl and Basic Tier Spells

    Fonewearl really got the short end of the stick, and I feel like a super simple change could be implemented that would buff their viability significantly. Foie, Zonde, and Barta could really use a boost in some way, this would be the most effective solution at making these techniques...
  3. Harna

    A very quick 40-80 solo FO leveling method

    Hey guys, I recently tried this out on my FO and when the server was quiet this was a much better alternative to trying to get some TTFS going. As a lot of FOs are squishy trying to do stuff in VH solo at this level, I found this to be a much smoother XP method. The long of the short of it is...
  4. Surfer Rosa GC

    Surfer Rosa GC

    Decided to jump on the Dolphin emulator and play some. This pic is in very hard mode. I've got her hard-earned Zonde Merge on and of course a Club of Zumiuran. I'll probably get myself online @ Sylverant with her when she's strong enough. Got my resta merge ready and Striker of Chao too! :P
  5. Entire Party Of FOnewearls

    Entire Party Of FOnewearls

    In all of my experience playing PSO, an entire party of forces is rare enough, but the odds of FOnewearl-only party is similar to odds of being hit by lightning. Pretty cool I got to do an all FOney TTF run. Alas that's the only run we did, everyone split up after that.
  6. tiffanychewsgum

    Fonewearl + PD's

    Hi!! I hope this is the right place to post this.. I'm still sorta new so I was wondering what each of these were worth for PD's: - Prophets of Motav - Psycho Wand - Mercurius Rod - Demonic Fork - Dark Bridge - Magical Piece - Summit Moon - Adepts - Heavenly/Mind :D:p