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Guildcard 2
I came across 2 recently.

1.) Yesterday, when I went to access Paganini on Fodra with a PS only he would not let me enter. (Unless I had 1 PD also, but Lumires lets me enter with PS only)

2.) Today, when I went in with 20 pds (to finish the last 5% as I had 95 machine baranz) and the option was not available to add % whatsoever on the same character that made it 95 the day previous. I went to Lumires and the option was available there.

Not sure if that's something to do with me doing the unlocks on Lumi, just seemed weird.
Sounds like the quest file on Fodra is different than Lumireis for some reason. Don't know if Matt did some update on one ship he didn't do on another, but I'll bring it to his attention. (Of course, he'll probably see this here as well.)