1. Lantana

    ATP bug.

    I just logged on to do some unsealing when I noticed I suddenly could not equip a lame on my FOnewm. With the gear I had equipped I usually have 814 ATP, I thought it was weird so decided to deposit my Gifoie Merge to replace it with Red Ring (for the extra ATP). After depositing the Gifoie...
  2. Spuz

    Heathcliff Arsenal Achievement not displaying/working correctly.

    After collecting all 7 items shown here I was surprised that the achievement did not display on-screen. I left it a day or so just in case it updated into the achievement-list still but it has not. I asked @Matt & @Ryan to check the logs for me with the dates/times I gave. They are below...
  3. Spuz

    DMC-fix broke.

    Since the last update, DMC has now started happening everywhere and also the self-DMC remains. Figured I should say. When DMC-fix was released it worked it's best, but since then every update just broke it a little from what I can tell. I can't remember what the issue was that made the 1st...
  4. Spuz

    Grave Count

    The graves in Cmode don't work correctly. They seem to save some deaths but not all as total kills. The count goes up while playing, but it only counts a few after you leave the party/log off or something like that. Or possibly doesn't count when 2/3 players die same time.
  5. Spuz

    Gallons Shop Bugs.

    I came across 2 recently. 1.) Yesterday, when I went to access Paganini on Fodra with a PS only he would not let me enter. (Unless I had 1 PD also, but Lumires lets me enter with PS only) 2.) Today, when I went in with 20 pds (to finish the last 5% as I had 95 machine baranz) and the option...
  6. Spuz

    2c4 Scape not showing.

    In area 22, right at the end is a set of boxes. (You are required to ignore warp to area 23 but press a switch next to it, smash a wall down and take the warp there to these boxes). Every single time I have hosted the game on my HC account the 'scape box' is an empty box.