What are you listening to?

Exactly what the title says, what do you enjoy listening to whilst gaming?

Personally if I'm not listening to any Indie/ Alternative Rock I put on my favourite podcast (Sleepycabin) and just laugh like a complete ass to some of the weird and wonderful topics they have to speak about!



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I usually listen to the actual game itself (boring, right?), but if I don't feel like that I usually listen to trance or DnB. Personally I'm like in love with Onoken's music recently though, it's so good. (no idea what genre, I'm shit at identifying genres)



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Used to listen to game music for about 6 years. Started to listen to custom music on BB.
Now i just listen to old and new gen italo disco,deep house, some old school trance.

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This is always whats buzzing in mews tiny head at most Boss battles. At the 3:33 mark Purrsonifies her attitude when protecting her flock! <3!
For those other runs where you KNOW things are gonna get... colorful....
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I like something upbeat when I'm playing quests or in parties with others. When I play solo, I typically listen to relaxing stuff or my usual playlist which has over 130 songs at the moment.


I like to listen to trip hop such as Moby, Portishead, sneaker pimps, carbon based life forms, ect. Especially when doing solo runs on PSO, very relaxing.


i like way too much music to even try to describe so if i had to narrow it down to a couple things i might be in the mood for on a given day.. it would probably be some of the pixie's early work or some trance classics.