What are you listening to?


awesome colette. i def like a lot of beastie boys stuff.

just now, im listenin to the chemical brothers. they're considered "big beat/electronica/funky breaks/trip hop/progressive house/club dance/ house.

i've liked them since i first heard "block rockin beats" in.. the 90s sometime.. idk.. but. here's an awesome interactive timeline of their music on their site.
gonna link a vid here of thier most viewed vid at this time on youtube.
(if you filter by views it pops up, but if you don't it wont lol.. wierd.)


Simply can't believe the quality retained in this VHS recording of Phish. Its 20 years old!!!!!!!!
3 1/2 hours of jamming. Cuz.. they're a jam band!
Some songs i like by these guys that i can remember off hand:
1.Weekapaug Groove
2.Punch You in the Eye
3.Bouncing Around the Room
also, check out Phish (they cover alot of amazing songs btw.) doing Purple Rain!!!!!!!!!!
as an aside, the way he said "tuck" instead of laughing/bathing/underneath is because of the way his shirt's tucked in. it was a running joke with the band at the time. (read)


tourney. banned. washed-up. veteran.
the new calvin harris track featuring rihanna, "This Is What You Came For" is banging and dope af.